Dear Mitt and Ann Romney,

We gave you money and we supported you in this fight.

We thought you were such a great executive, that you could run a great campaign, and lead this country back. It turns out you relied on poor campaign consultants who promised far more than they delivered. That’s what sunk the McCain campaign and you fell into the same trap.

I am a software architect in the healthcare industry. We deal with life and death issues so we test and retest our software under all conditions. Your campaign was fighting for the life of our country and your people released critical campaign software the day before the election, They didn’t stress-test the software, They didn’t train the people who were supposed to use it; sending people a 70 page PDF the night of the election does not constitute training. Your people weren’t even smart enough to figure out that smart phones have cameras, which means they aren’t even allowed into polling stations in many states. I talked to people who volunteered for your campaign and they couldn’t do poll flushing because of Orca’s failure. I’m disappointed you couldn’t appoint better people to run your campaign.

We watched your progress through the primaries. You used your financial muscle to destroy your competitors. But, come the main event, you followed the failed McCain template and played softball. McCain might have had an excuse, because Obama had no record. But you knew Obama’s record and associations and you didn’t hammer him on them. Very disappointing. They play hardball. You needed to bring a machinegun to the baseball game.

We are disappointed you lost. Actually, we are devastated; not because you lost, but because Obama won.

But, you gave it everything you had, and despites the missteps, and Hurricane Sandy, you might have been our president.


Pat Dooley