But some things did. The Democrats are sweating on the surge failing and trying to shift the goalposts, again. The NYT Times Op-ed by Michael E. O’Hanlon and Kenneth M. Pollack of the left-leaning Brookings Institution was a bombshell the Democrats did not expect.

The Democrats lost a vote in congress and then wiped away any record in an act worthy of Stalin. It capped a half year of Democrat incompetence during which nothing got done.

The Republicans lost ground in 2006 because the Senate and House majorities betrayed their base on spending, pork and corruption, and because of the lack of progress in Iraq. The Democrats are now tagged as do-nothing incompetents in Congress, while their zeal for losing in Iraq is fading as the public realizes progress is now being made.

Time to rethink the conventional wisdom that 2008 will be a shoo-in for the Democrats? That’s what changed over the last few weeks.