August 2003

Randall Hamud, an Arab-American lawyer attacks the administration for acting against suspected terrorists. The opinion piece is titled “We’re Fighting Terror But Killing Freedom” and the subhead reads”Are the Rights of My Arab and Muslim clients really expendable? Only if we’re ready to give up our own.”

Those two lines typify the position of those who oppose the War on Terror. According to Hamud, by paying particular attention to the activities of Arabs and Muslims, the administration is going to deprive Americans of their constitutional [and civil] rights. The obvious response is that our failure to pay sufficient attention to the activities of Arabs and Muslims led directly to the death of 3,000 innocent Americans (including some Arabs and Muslims) in the biggest strike -yet- by radical Islam in its ongoing war on Western civilization. Hamud complains about the treatment of three young Arab men who were acquainted with two of the 9/11 terrorists. He claims they knew nothing about the 9/11 plot. Maybe so, but these gentleman are Muslim and let us not forget that. Their religion tells them to lie to infidels, and it tells them it is their sacred duty to Allah to subvert the law of the United States. One of the Hadiths (an account of the Prophet’s words and deeds) tells how the Prophet gave Muhammed bin Maslama, one of his followers, permission to lie to Ka’b bin al-Ashraf, a Jewish poet who had offended the Prophet, in order to kill him. That is sufficient precedent for a Muslim to lie to an infidel. The refusal of a Muslim FBI agent to wear a wire when interviewing another Muslim on religious grounds is another dangerous example of a Muslim placing his religion above the law of the United States.

Hamud then complains about the death threats he allegedly received when he sought to represent Zacarias Moussaoui’s mother. She retained Hamud to try to persuade the “alleged 20th hijacker” and admitted al Qaeda member to cooperate with his defense lawyers. Moussaoui is acting according to the al Qaeda handbook. He is doing everything in his power to subvert the US Justice system and is having some success. As I noted in a previous post, he should have been treated as an unlawful combatant and put before a military tribunal.

Hamud tells us he is a secularized Muslim, and that “Today, Islam in America is much more fundamentalist”. Thanks for the warning. The “local Muslims didn’t trust me at first but that changed when they saw me vehemently defending my clients in court and protesting the government’s treatment of Arabs and Muslims in the media.” There is no indication that Hamud or his fellow worshippers protested about the Arabs and Muslims closely associated with his clients who murdered 3000 people in one of the most evil acts in modern history.

Hamud praises Judge Shira Scheindlin for ordering the release of Osama Awadallah. According to Bill O’Reilly,

The Jordanian national was charged with lying to a grand jury about his association with two of the 9/11 killers. According to the FBI, Awadallah met with Nawaf al-Hamzi 40 times.Al-Hamzi died when the plane he helped hijack crashed into the Pentagon. In Al-Hamzi’s car parked at Dulles Airport was Awadallah’s number. When the Feds raided his apartment in San Diego, they found a picture of Usama bin Laden. Yet, Judge Scheindlin released this man over the objections of the Justice Department, and threw out some of the charges against him.

Hamud complains about the treatment of Jose Padilla and asks “Since when does the Constitution allow citizens arrested on U.S. soil to be held beyond the reach of the courts?” The short answer is, when the war time commander-in-chief orders it. Perhaps Hamud hasn’t heard about the fate of the Nazi saboteurs, including US citizens, who were caught on US soil during WWII. The Supreme Court agreed with the action taken against these little fish. They didn’t come close to matching the record set by the 9/11 hijackers.

Hamud claims he’s “not fighting for Arabs and Muslims; I’m fighting for all of us”. But the only people he seems to be worried about are associates of the 9/11 terrorists and admitted terrorists. He sure as hell isn’t on my side.


These two quotes from the Washington Times coverage of the race highlight what could become major issues.

Before Mr. Schwarzenegger arrived in the state’s farm belt, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) called on him to step down from the advisory board of U.S. English, a group that seeks to make English the official language of the United States.

Mr. Bustamante, meanwhile, defended his membership in the radical group the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MECHA, from the Spanish acronym) while he was a student at California State University at Fresno in the 1970s, and said he still supports the group.

MECHA calls California and the rest of the American Southwest “Aztlan” and says it needs to be “liberated” and revert to Mexico. The group’s motto is “For the race, everything; for those outside the race, nothing.”

Schwarzenegger stands for the traditional view of American immigration – assimilate and live the American dream. Bustamante seems more interested in supporting Hispanic issues. Lowell Ponte takes Bustamante apart in this Frontpage piece. We’ll likely see liberal writers attacking Schwarzenegger for his free-wheeling life in the 70’s, and his support of Proposition 187.

Supporters of illegal immigrants try to blur the distinction between those who come to America legally and assimilate and those who come illegally and reject assimilation. Personally, I cannot fathom how people who break the law by coming into the US illegally can be ignored. or worse, supported by elected officials sworn to uphold the law. That’s what proposition 187 was about. So, will the governors race become a referendum on legal versus illegal immigration?

Read the whole letter over at the NRO Corner. Great closing.

I hope Mayor Bloomberg reads Heather MacDonald. She is so on the money

The cops started making arrests soon after the power stopped, and in large numbers—up to two-dozen hoodlums at a time. Getting these early-birds in custody stopped them from wreaking further havoc and sent a strong message to copycats that lawlessness would not be tolerated.

Africa Online reports that the

Sharia’h appeals court once again postponed her [Nigerian Mother Amina Lawal] appeal against her death by stoning sentence after being convicted of adultery last year

The evidence of adultery is the fact that she had a child out of wedlock. If Sharia legal standards applied in the US, 60% to 70% of African-American mothers would be sentenced to death by stoning. A smaller percentage of non-African-American mothers would face the same penalty. Victims of rape would also be at risk unless they could find four Muslim men who witnessed the act and would testify on their behalf. Four Supreme Court justices wouldn’t make the cut unless they were Muslims.

Christianity and Judaism have long outgrown such inhumane brutality. Yet a substantial element of present day Islam still thinks that way and wants Sharia law to prevail. It doesn’t quite tally with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Most US cases of Malaria are contracted overseas. According to this News Report locally contracted case are starting to turn up in Florida. West Nile is already established in much of the US. Do we want Malaria, a far worse mosquito borne disease, to reestablish itself in US territory?

Currently used insecticides are more expensive, more toxic and shorter lived than good old DDT, savior of millions until the Environmentalist lobby got it banned despite little, if any, scientific evidence that it was dangerous, let alone more dangerous than the alternatives.

Former Green Beret lieutenant colonel and writer Gordon Cucullu has a piece posted on the Foxnews site that explains what is going on in Iraq from a professional’s perspective. It makes a welcome change from the wimpish pap that leftist media types, exemplified by Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation reporter Andrew Gilligan, have been feeding the public. Key quotes

The wonder to those of us who trained to be guerrillas is not that there is so much activity right now in Iraq but so little. If the situation was reversed and our special ops guys were advising the resistance, the entire country would be aflame. A well-trained, organized force supported by a significant percentage of the Iraqi population would have scores of bombings daily along with dozens of assassinations

Criticism is surfacing that President Bush has turned Iraq into a battleground for terrorists. If that is truly the case then, well, good: Better to fight them in Iraq where they are isolated, vulnerable and the rules of engagement permit our professionals to engage and eliminate them, than to have to fight them here. If Iraq is the catalyst that is bringing these vermin out of their holes in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Palestine, then, hooray, we have achieved yet another tangential benefit by fighting the war.

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