July 2009

The Fraternal order of Police aren’t happy with Obama calling a fellow cop stupid. The Hill reports:

Jim Pasco, executive director of the FOP’s legislative office, noted that before Obama made the remarks, the president acknowledged that he was only vaguely familiar with what happened.

“That being the case, it’s unfortunate that he chose to say anything,” Pasco said. “He wasn’t there, and he doesn’t know what happened.”

Pasco said it appears that Gates was the “provocateur” because he called Officer James Crowley a racist instead of producing identification as requested.

Neo-neocon provides great commentary on this case.

Earlier, Obama accused doctors of removing tonsils to make more money. Here’s what Barack “Not a Doctor” Obama said:

Right now, doctors, a lot of times, are forced to make decisions based on the fee payment schedule that’s out there. So if … your child has a bad sore throat, or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, “You know what? I make a lot more money if I take this kid’s tonsils out.”

Now, that may be the right thing to do. But I’d rather have that doctor making those decisions just based on whether you really need your kid’s tonsils out or whether it might make more sense just to change — maybe they have allergies. Maybe they have something else that would make a difference.

The doctor would not be the one removing the child’s tonsils. They would refer the child to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who would assess the patient and recommend an appropriate course of treatment. So, Obama’s hypothetical doctor would not even have the opportunity to “make a lot more money”. Obama is wrong on the facts. He is even more wrong to suggest that doctors routinely recommend treatments that make them a “lot more money”. Yet he has the temerity to claim that he can create a better healthcare system by handing the medical decision making process over to unaccountable bureaucrats.

I’m going to bet that the AMA is taking a lot of heat from its members over its support for Obama care.


Powerline’s Paul covers Obama’s arrogant insistence that Israel halt the construction of 20 apartments in east Jerusalem:

Now, Obama has decided to pick a new fight with Israel by demanding that Israel freeze construction in an east Jerusalem housing complex. At issue are 20 apartments in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in east Jerusalem, near Mount Scopus, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the National Police headquarters.

Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected Obama’s demand out of hand. He declared that Jerusalem is an open, undivided city “that has no separation according to religion or national affiliation.” Netanyahu added that “we cannot accept the idea that Jews will not have the right to live and purchase in all parts of Jerusalem.” He explained that, just as there would be an international outcry if Jews were prohibited from buying property in New York, London, Paris or Rome, so too Jews should not be prohibited from buying property in Jerusalem.

Besides uniting Israelis against the US, Obama comes off looking like a messenger boy for the Palestinians.

Obama is also trying to ram limits on CO2 emissions down India’s throat. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had the task of persuading India to follow Obama’s lead in throttling their own economy. The Washington Times reports:

Addressing one of the most contentious issues between New Delhi and Washington on the first day of her visit to the Indian capital, Mrs. Clinton tried to focus on the positive aspects of India’s environmental record, such as its interest in clean energy.

Her Indian hosts, however, got straight to the point.

“We are simply not in a position to take on legally binding emissions reduction targets,” India’s minister of environment, Jairam Ramesh, told reporters

The US not in that position either, as Obama’s Cap and Tax bill has stalled in the Senate, and seems likely to die there. Asking other countries to do what the US can’t do makes the US look weak.

Then we have Honduras, where the Obama administration has joined forcres with that most onboxious of Marxists, Mr. Chavez in calling for the return of deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya. Mary O’Grady at the WSJ writes:

Mr. Zelaya was shipped out of the country because Honduras believed that jailing him would make him a lightning rod for violence. Interim President Roberto Micheletti promised that presidential elections scheduled for November would go forward.

That might have been the end of it if the U.S. had supported the Honduran rule of law, or simply refrained from meddling. Instead President Obama and the State Department joined Mr. Chávez and his allies in demanding that Mr. Zelaya be restored to power. This has emboldened Venezuela.

It seems Obama is trying to emulate Jimmy Carter in supporting anti-American dictators. Carter has Iran and Venezuela on his resume, to his eternal shame. Does Obama want Honduras on his? Supporting the likes of Chavez and Zelaya can only weaken US influence south of the border.

The Washington Post published an Op-ed by Sarah Palin that is a full-throated attack on Obama:

There is no shortage of threats to our economy. America’s unemployment rate recently hit its highest mark in more than 25 years and is expected to continue climbing. Worries are widespread that even when the economy finally rebounds, the recovery won’t bring jobs. Our nation’s debt is unsustainable, and the federal government’s reach into the private sector is unprecedented.

I am deeply concerned about President Obama’s cap-and-trade energy plan, and I believe it is an enormous threat to our economy. It would undermine our recovery over the short term and would inflict permanent damage.

American prosperity has always been driven by the steady supply of abundant, affordable energy. Particularly in Alaska, we understand the inherent link between energy and prosperity, energy and opportunity, and energy and security. Consequently, many of us in this huge, energy-rich state recognize that the president’s cap-and-trade energy tax would adversely affect every aspect of the U.S. economy.

Her close is devastating:

We have an important choice to make. Do we want to control our energy supply and its environmental impact? Or, do we want to outsource it to China, Russia and Saudi Arabia? Make no mistake: President Obama’s plan will result in the latter.

For so many reasons, we can’t afford to kill responsible domestic energy production or clobber every American consumer with higher prices.

Can America produce more of its own energy through strategic investments that protect the environment, revive our economy and secure our nation?

Yes, we can. Just not with Barack Obama’s energy cap-and-tax plan.

Moreover, the ordinary Americans of the Tea Party movement and Glenn Beck’s 9/12 groups agree 100% with Sarah Palin on Cap and Trade and the need for America to develop its own energy resources. She is providing leadership that is sorely lacking from the mainstream GOP.

Meanwhile, the Blue Dog Democrats are between a rock and a hard place. Betsy Newmark notes a report that Blue Dog Democrats are copping a lot of heat for supporting Obama’s socialist agenda:

The Democrats have been very smart in the past two elections in putting up moderate candidates likely to win in districts usually won by Republicans. The only catch is that these congressmen are then a mite bit precarious if the mood shifts. So they have to maintain their viability and can’t do that if they lay down for every Pelosi vote demand. And this sort of tension is starting to bubble up in the Democratic caucus over the health bill.

Democrats who helped the sweeping climate change bill squeak through before jetting home for the July Fourth break got a surprisingly ugly homecoming, encountering a barrage of protests, attack ads and negative press. Police turned up at a local protest aimed at Rep. Allen Boyd (Fla.), a leader of the moderate Blue Dog Coalition. Freshman Rep. John Adler (N.J.) told a local paper he got shoved.

The bruising endured by the moderates — along with serious substantive concerns —prompted them last week to derail the planned Friday rollout of the health care bill. And it presents a continuing challenge to leaders hoping to wrap work on the package this month. “They are completely and totally rattled,” one senior Democratic aide said of the centrists. “I’ve never seen them as bad as they are now.”

….Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.), who chairs the Blue Dog health care task force, launched a pre-emptive strike against the three chairmen last week, warning that the overwhelming majority of Blue Dogs were prepared to vote against the health care bill unless major changes were made. Ross said previous attempts and meetings on the issue had failed to make the bill palatable to moderates, saying that there weren’t enough cost cuts nor was there enough consideration given to rural areas and small businesses. Blue Dogs also have serious concerns about the proposed public insurance option, which they said must not be based on Medicare payment rates.

….Other moderates remain skeptical. Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) said groups are already pressuring lawmakers back home both on the climate vote and on health care, and he said the pressure on the latter is about to ratchet up dramatically. “The pot is starting to simmer, and in a couple of weeks it’ll be boiling,” he said.

It will pay to keep up the pressure on these guys.

They’re especially tender now after many of them voted for the Waxman-Markey bill and now the Senate is getting skittish about when they’ll vote for the bill and how it will look when they do.

Another data point to note is Sarah Palin’s expressed willingness to campaign for conservative Democrats. She said:

I will go around the country on behalf of candidates who believe in the right things, regardless of their party label or affiliation.

Blue Dog Democrats will do well to ponder that offer. The prospect of Palin stumping for them might be a mixed blessing; the prospect of her stumping against because they voted with Obama and Pelosi would be downright terrifying.

Despite the media’s attempt to paint Palin as a right-wing nut-job, the truth is that she was a successful governor because she assembled a coalition of Democrats and renegade Republicans to support her agenda. The GOP establishment in Alaska hated her because she took them down for corruption. The GOP establishment in the beltway seem to be in tune with their Alaskan brethren. The key point to take from this is that Palin’s core conservative values can win moderates to her goals. That includes the millions of unemployed Obama voters suffering a severe case of buyers remorse.

Keep swinging Sarah; you’re landing punches on the One without breaking a sweat.