I have a Thompson link on my blog. It just means I want to spread the word. I like what he says but I have some reservations about his executive experience and his health. The Presidency is the toughest job in the world and the last two presidents visibly aged in a few short years. Could Thompson stand the pressures? Personally, I think he’d make a good VP, free to promote the president’s policies without being under the same daily pressure.

I like Giuliani. He’s a flawed human being and a mean S.O.B.. But he’s a leader and he understands the war we are in. He knows firsthand the results of pussy-footing around with the Islamic scum who seek our destruction. As Kyle-Anne Shiver at American Thinker notes:

The second really big thing for me is the War, not just the Iraq War, because the way I see it is this: If we don’t win this war with the Islamo-Fascists who aim to bring us to our knees, then nothing else matters one whit.

We can all resume our social, ideological, purely political squabbling once the big War is won — just like the greatest generation did for us by making the necessary personal sacrifices to win WWII.

I don’t care what the president thinks about abortion. IT IS NOT HIS JOB TO LEGISLATE ABORTION LAWS. It is his job to appoint judges who respect the constitution of the United States. If they do their job, the abortion issue will return to state legislatures, where it belongs.

I do care about illegal immigration and I am concerned about Giuliani’s relaxed attitude towards illegals. But I want resurgent Islam beaten into a bloody pulp, first.

Illegal immigration is another issue that states can deal with. They can choose to be tough on illegals or not. The tough states will see illegals flood to weak states, and the weak states will eventually become tough. We can see that happening already.

Romney looks good on paper. He sounds good. But he waffles. I don’t care about his religion, so long as he isn’t a Muslim. But the Democrats will associate Romney with those weird guys in suits who knocked on your door and talked about the book of Mormon. He can’t escape that, unless he converts to Catholic, which will annoy all the Protestants (or vice versa) and amuse all the unbelievers.

McCain is too old, too much the media whore, too little a Republican, and an extremely courageous man. I admire his sticking with Bush on Iraq but I can’t see him as presidential material.