February 2011

I ran Boston in 2010. I was injured and had a poor race. So I decided to try again in 2011 because my qualification period covered 18 months. On the day registration opened, I spent 3 hours trying to get my online registration accepted. I eventually got in. Tens of thousands of better runners than me missed out.

The Boston Athletic Association responded by changing the rules to favor faster runners. I applaud their response, even though it is going to make it much harder for me to qualify again. Heck, I might have to lose some weight and train harder.

If you see any analogies with states trying to balance their budgets, you’re welcome.





The NRO Corner reports the gist of the story via the Washington Post:

In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers.

By Muslim standards, since she was unveiled, had no male family members protecting her, and was not a Muslim, she got what she deserved.

By our standards, she was doing her job, she was sexually assaulted and beaten, and she deserves society’s protection, including the prosecution of all those involved in her assault.

Guess which standards will prevail.

Credit to the Egyptians who rescued her. Women and soldiers? Not freedom loving demonstrators? This does not compute. Unless you factor in the Muslim Brotherhood. The guys who are very big on Sharia law.

Powerline links to this disturbing report from Bangladesh:

The reports said Hena was raped by her 40-year-old relative Mahbub on Sunday. Next day, a fatwa was announced at a village arbitration that she must be given 100 lashes. She fell unconscious after nearly 80 lashes.

Fatally injured Hena was rushed to Naria health complex where she succumbed to her injuries.

It’s not like this is an unusual story. In the good old US of A, we just saw:

The founder of a Muslim-oriented New York television station was convicted Monday of beheading his wife in 2009 in the studio the couple had opened to counter negative stereotypes of Muslims after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Then we have the good Muslim father in Arizona who ran over his daughter because she was too Westernized:

A young Iraqi woman whose father allegedly ran her over because she became ‘too westernised’ has died in hospital.

Noor Faleh Almaleki, 20, underwent spinal surgery and was in a coma for nearly two weeks before she finally succumbed to her horrific injuries.

Police said her father mowed down her and her boyfriend’s mother with his Jeep as the women were walking across a car park in the west Phoenix suburb of Peoria, Arizona, U.S.

These are unspeakable acts, by Western standards, but par for the course for Muslims.

So he scored an interview with President Obama. Whoop dee doo. Mostly softball, by all accounts. I confess I didn’t want to spoil my Super Bowl build up by watching TV’s most narcissistic host interview America’s most narcissistic President. But what I didn’t anticipate was O’Reilly’s masturbatory orgy for the next few days, where he covered and re-covered his interview with the President. Every guest was forced to comment on this “historic” interview.

Fox should move Beck to  O’Reilly’s slot and give him the morning slot. Right after they move the cringe inducing Van Susteren to the pre-dawn slot.

The only way I can watch Fox News these days is by keeping the mute button at the ready, and a bunch of blogs opened up on my computer screens.

This has not made the LSM (Lame Stream Media), but Obama’s EPA Director, Lisa Jackson, thinks dirty water causes autism. I’m trying to figure out how stupid you have to be to believe that, and still have an executive position in any administration.

But this is the Obama administration so I don’t have to worry. They will eliminate the autism from our drinking water.

Obama may be making big noises about what Egyptian leaders must do, but they have figured out he is powerless. This Jerusalem Post article suggests that the regime is reasserting its control. They can afford to wait out the demonstrators because the economy can’t afford the disruption they have caused.

Obama can make as many speeches as he likes, but the only way he can impact events on the ground is to reduce aid to Egypt, impose sanctions, or send in troops. None of these actions will help stability; any of them will strengthen the hand of the Muslim brotherhood. So he has sidelined himself.

He could have made a strong statement upfront denouncing the Muslim Brotherhood and stating that the US would cut off all aid to Egypt and designate Egypt a terrorist state and an enemy of the US if the Muslim Brotherhood had any role in any future Egyptian government. He could also have tied future US aid to Egypt to religious tolerance. He could have added that stopping attacks on Coptic Christians should be regarded as critical to the state of US-Egypt relations. He did none of this. He failed to separate the radicals from the democrats.

Obama threw the Egyptian regime under the bus, sided with demonstrators, backed and filled too many times, and revealed himself as a vacillating weakling. The regime now has free rein.


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