May 2010

Sarah Palin uses Facebook to attack Obama’s handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

Sarah Palin might have asked why BP was drilling at such depths when they could be drilling onshore at ANWAR, or in shallow waters off California. The answer is that the environmental movement has blocked so much drilling that oil companies are forced to extremes. In a sense, the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was caused by the environmental movement.

Other than that quibble, Sarah took Impotus out to the woolshed and beat the holy crap out of him.


I was driving my brand new stick-shift Honda Accord home from work and got tangled up in heavy traffic that was heading to a Tribe game.I went to put the car in neutral as I approached a stop light. It had felt ‘odd’ leaving the previous light. The clutch pedal went to the floor and stayed there. The gearbox locked up so I couldn’t shift into any gear. The motor was still running normally. I was stuck with Tribe fans honking at me, and cars ducking around me. Eventually, a motorcycle policeman came to help me and he couldn’t get the clutch or gears to work. As we waited for a police car to arrive to nudge me out of the way, I checked the clutch pedal. A gentle tug and it came back up. I restarted the car and was able to drive it home, a couple more miles, without further problems. The car had 900 miles on the odometer.

I consulted an online Honda certified Technician and received this response:
The problem is the clutch master cylinder . There are issues with the rods getting stuck . The dealer will need to replace the clutch master and bleed the system to fix this issue. Have done a few so far . No bulletin or recall yet.

I took the car to the dealer. They confirmed this diagnosis and replaced the clutch master cylinder. The service rep also said their other service department had also seen the same problem a number of times.

This incident was very distressing and quite costly. I was in heavy traffic when my Honda failed completely.  I could have been rear-ended. I could have been hit by a car when I exited the vehicle. If I had been on a railway crossing, I would have been in deep trouble. I wrote to Honda describing the situation and asking for compensation for the rental car and the day I had to take off work, while the car was being repaired. They called me and told me to pound salt.

Over the years I have bought or leased a dozen Honda Accords. Never again. Next time I’ll check out Ford, Subaru, Mazda and Hyundai. Honda just lost my business forever. Toyota lost any chance of my business 20 years ago. When you lose my business, you lose it forever.

A decade ago, that headline would have been unimaginable. Of course, success has its rewards:

The Department of Justice is investigating Apple’s practices in the digital music market, according to reports in The New York Times andThe Wall Street Journal. Apple has not publicly commented on the formal examination.

The antitrust case against Microsoft crippled the company. The impact was not immediately apparent, but every decision inside Microsoft was predicated on the antitrust implications. If Microsoft did X, would the feds come after it because nobody else did X? While Microsoft was entangled in the antitrust lawsuit, other companies took advantage. Apple and Google ate Microsoft’s lunch.

I’m a humble software architect. I’m currently working on moving old client server applications to the web. I soon discovered that you needed to offload a lot of the processing to the browser to get acceptable performance. What struck me was how much faster Google’s Chrome and the open-source Firefox were, compared to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Like, the users thought Chrome was great and IE sucked; it was that bad.  The mobile world is moving to the latest internet standard, HTML 5, very quickly. Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android Operating System will take full advantage of this new standard. Microsoft is stuck on Windows, and is still trying to squeeze it into mobile devices. It can be done but the result ain’t pretty.

In the computer industry, the idea that one company can dominate the market forever is ludicrous, yet that is the underlying assumption behind antitrust laws. Companies can gain dominance, but such dominance is always temporary.  The same applies to other industries. GM had total control of the US market 50 years ago. Now, it exists only because the US government took it over.

Just watched this video of him in a friendly interview situation. He is a class act. I was very impressed by his understanding of our enemy.

We have never clearly identified who this enemy is. President talks about Taliban, Al Qaeda, it would be just the same as during WW2 if Roosevelt was talking about the 12th Panzer Division. Our true enemy is Islamic totalitarianism and state sponsored terroism. That is the strategic enemy we need to be focussed on.

This guy is the real deal. Everything he says makes conservative sense. Plus, he is extremely well informed.

Watch this man. He is the anti-Obama in the most American way.

Oh yeah, Governor Palin endorsed him. That’s a kiss of life; whereas Obama’s endorsements have been a kiss of death.

Personally, I don’t think President Obama was slow to respond to the oil spill in the gulf because BP paid him off in campaign contributions; he was slow to respond because he doesn’t have a clue and he depends on bureaucrats who might have a glimpse of a clue, but take a while to get there. What Palin is really doing is using Leftist tactics against the Left.  She is suggesting a connection and making the Obama administration try to deny it, with limited success. Since President Obama took so much corporate money, and the information is readily available, painting President Obama as a tool of special interests will be an easy sell. BP is the wedge to drive that point home.

Democrats have  long demonized Republicans as tools of corporate greed. Palin has zeroed in on a high-profile disaster to pin the tail on a Donkey, for a change. That tail is going to stay there.

Check what she’s wearing on this YouTube clip. Where do you buy such jewelery? Arizona.

Arizona has a fledgling wine industry that is making respectable wines. I went here and bought a dozen. That’s a dozen I won’t be buying from California.

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