November 2010

More fishy blood and guts and the Governor is up to her arms in it, along with the rest of her extended clan. The Sarah we are seeing in this series is one that middle America can relate to. They know how to clean a fish, fire a gun, and enjoy the fruits of their efforts. They can see that she shares their skills and values even though they may not share her politics (yet).

The coastal elites are oblivious to her appeal. Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Boxer or Barbara Bush cleaning a fish?

Just started her book. So far, it reads like her political manifesto, and one I readily agree with.


I suggest OBAMAGROPE for the enhanced pat-down procedure and OBAMAPEEP for the body scanner. These fit quite well with two other popular terms,  OBAMACARE and OBAMANOMICS.

Airlines want to deliver passengers to their destinations. If they fail to do that, they lose passengers and revenue, and go broke.

Seems to me that an airline would have  a strong incentive to ensure passengers arrive safely. It could be argued that the Lockerbie bombing led to PanAm going out of business. It may still be the case that TWA suffered the same fate.

Rather than have an over-weening bureaucracy decide who can fly, and who cannot, why not leave it to the airlines? They have far more incentive to get it right than TSA bureaucrats. Under the current regime, if a plane goes down, the bureaucracy imposes tougher rules on the American people, as if Americans were Jihadists. Under an airline centric system, no threat would make it on the plane.

I don’t much like Sean Hannity. He has great guests, asks them good questions, and then fails to follow up on their responses. He goes straight back to his list of questions, as if the guest’s response meant nothing. But he did devote his slot to Sarah Palin and he gave her valuable air time to push her book and her cause. I’ll give him kudos for that because of a theme that she kept coming back to.

Palin highlighted the fact that Obama vowed to “fundamentally transform America” and that is exactly what he has tried to do. The American people refudiated Obama’s vow in the 2010 mid-terms. I get the impression she is locked and loaded to carry out the people’s will and refudiate Obama’s progressive agenda in its entirety.

It’s a big list. I’ll give Obama credit; he’s done more damage in less time than any President in history. He makes Jimmy Cater look like a wimp. I kinda suspect that Sarah looks at the fight with Obama as personal. She sees him as the destroyer of American values and his minions as the putative destroyers of her reputation.  But that’s not why she would run.

Sarah’s goal is pretty simple – to restore America to its founders’ principles, as expressed in the constitution.



The lame duck session is upon us and the decimated Democrats are threatening to push their hard=left agenda items through, against the  wishes of the American people, as expressed in the mid-terms. Luckily, twenty Democrat senators are under threat in 2012. Will they vote with “Hari-Kari” Obama, or will they try to save their hides?

My guess is hides win.

This evening Sarah Palin showed us the process whereby halibut is caught in Alaska and ends up on the menu at your local restaurant or supermarket. The segment where she and Bristol clubbed the halibut to stop them damaging themselves, and everyone else, reminded me of what happened to the Obamacrats in the 2010 mid-terms. The assembly line segment, where they manually inspected every fish top to tail, reminded me of what the TSA is doing to the American public. At least the fish were dead.

Airline security in the US has been reacting to previous terrorist attacks. The 911 Muslim terrorists used box cutters, so now non-Muslims are not allowed to carry nail files on any flight. The Muslim shoe-bomber concealed explosives in his shoes so we non-Muslims must all remove our shoes and expose ourselves to athlete’s foot and other noxious infections. The Muslim UK bombers planned to smuggle liquid explosives onto flights, so now we non-Muslims can’t take our usual toiletries and medications with us, when we travel. The Muslim Xmas bomber concealed explosives in his crotch area, so now we non-Muslims have to have our crotches groped or displayed on a monitor. In Saudi Arabia, a Muslim terrorist concealed explosives up his anus and carried out a successful suicide bombing. In Russia, it is strongly suspected that female Chechen Muslims used similar techniques to down an airliner. If we follow the TSA’s logic, the next step is body cavity searches for all non-Muslims. God help us when a Muslim terrorist brings down a US airplane with a body-cavity bomb.

Security is not about being one step behind the enemy, but that’s where the TSA is. The Israelis have been able to stay one-step ahead by profiling terrorist psychology, not terrorist technology. The TSA is going backwards, and that’s where they’ll end up; probing non-Muslim a**holes.

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