August 2010

Sadly, I expect TOTUS would short-circuit


I looked at this shot, presumably taken from the Washington Monument:

I then went to a site I use for mapping and measuring my runs to get an approximate measure of the area on the south side of the Reflecting Pool that appears to be fully occupied by people. That gave me 0.7 miles by 0.41 miles. I then made the heroic assumption that people occupied a similar area on  the north side. If you look at the picture in the top right corner, you can see the crowd  occupying the area to the east of the pond, so I think it’s a fair assumption. The trees may block the view from above but they don’t stop the people on the ground from crowding beneath them. I saw that at the 9.12 rally last year. So, 0.7 miles x 0.41 miles x 2 = 148,665 square meters. A little googling revealed that in a dense crowd, each person occupies 1/4 square meter. That gives me a rough estimate of 594,000 people.

I’d conclude that any estimate of 500,000 or more is fair.

More pictures here.

Proof here.

Allen West was a shoo-in; so Palin’s endorsement was icing on the cake. Ditto her other lower-48 endorsements today.

But, back in Alaska, she endorsed Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent. The pundits on left and right thought that she had backed a loser; that the Palin touch would prove a kiss of death. Despite being outspent 10:1, or some such ludicrous ratio, it seems Joe has prevailed. He credits Palin, as the pundits are now forced to admit.

Two forces were unleashed by Obama’s pursuit of a radical agenda, contrary to the moderate image promoted by his campaign. The GOP started to fight against it, in its usual limp  fashion, and the ordinary folks exploded against it. The Tea Party movement seemed to come out of nowhere, but it was an expression of dissatisfaction with the direction of the nation under Obama. The Tea Party movement transcends party politics. It represents ordinary citizens awakened by the peril faced by our Republic from the frontal assault by Obama and the progressives. It has a name and it has power. Palin has positioned herself as the leader of the Tea Party wing of the GOP. She hasn’t done it explicitly, but that is where people see her.

She just gained a lot more respect today. Even from Krauthammer.

Conservatives for Palin is the most prominent pro-Palin blog around the blogosphere. It published a piece by C. Brooks Kurtz, a professed atheist, attacking Obama’s position, or lack thereof, on the Mosque at Ground Zero. Kurtz writes:

I agree with Gov. Palin’s Facebook Note regarding what he thinks about the appropriateness of putting, what’s the AP’s term for it, a Mosque near Ground Zero. The idea is monstrous, and that it’s not just being considered but well on its way of coming into furition is a tragedy. He’s [Obama’s] the one that brought it up – in prepared comments, no less – so yeah, we get how he respects religious freedom, but El Presidente, what do you think about the wisdom of putting this mosque at this location?

Kurtz also expresses a great way to view the religion of others:

Raised in a fundamentalist religious tradition, I long ago concluded that a person’s religion is often one of the least-interesting things about them; I would add that like one’s private parts, one’s religion is best kept out of public view (I don’t know who coined that phrase, but I know it wasn’t me).

I’m almost with Kurtz in his non-religious views; I maintain the Den Beste exception that one cannot rule out the possibility that there is an undetectable (to us) supreme being called Fred. Be that as it may, his post suggests why non-religious people can be attracted to Sarah Palin’s political positions. Atheists have a very poor record as leaders. Kurtz writes:

Nations run by atheists don’t tend to do so well in part because the atheists who strive for political power tend to be people like Barack Obama: humorless, busybody know-it-alls who aren’t content with anything other than absolute power. It is galling to them to know that there are people breathing the same air who believe differently then them.

Lenin, Stalin and Mao confirm Kurtz’s observation. If you know absolute truth then you can wield absolute power.

I may disagree with Sarah Palin’s religious views but I trust her political and moral views. She may come from a different view but she ends up in the same place. She believes in America’s potential and its glorious past. That’s all I need to know.

Here’s the contrast.

Palin goes to ANWAR to demonstrate that the proposed onshore drilling area is a wasteland and that America would be better off exploiting it.

Meanwhile, our President visits battery factories to extol his uneconomic energy fantasies:

Obama and his advisers are apparently smitten with batteries. They fit perfectly in his green agenda. The factories are creating new jobs. And with a miniscule share of the market right now, there’s nowhere to go but up.

“You guys are at the cutting edge,” Obama said in Menomonee Falls. “You’re how we’re going to strengthen this economy.”

Which is pretty much what he said in California last March, when he announced $2.4 billion in funding for advanced battery research.

Obama has fallen for the Spanish fallacy: investing in uneconomic energy production is good for the economy. Recently wised-up Spaniards would beg to differ.

Palin knows that exploiting our domestic oil and gas reserves is a matter of economic and national security. Either President Obama knows that too, in which case he is actively working against America’s security by strangling domestic production, or he is too blinded by his ideology to let common sense inform his decision making. I’m going with the second option since that matches his track record to date.

This Google Map provides the answer – 0.1 miles or a 2 minute walk. That’;s too close.

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