December 2010

When the government provides “free” healthcare, it has to ration the amount it provides, because the demand for a “free” service is virtually unlimited. The government does its rationing through a static bureaucratic evaluation of costs, treatments and prognoses. Expensive drugs, that prolong the lives of cancer patients, go on the chopping block. Expensive surgeries, that improve the quality of life of old people, go on the chopping block. Expensive treatment for children born with special needs go on the chopping block.

When the chopping is under control of bureaucrats, you get “Death Panels” who make anonymous decisions on who may get treatment and who must be denied.

The problem with the “static bureaucratic evaluation of costs, treatments and prognoses” is that it is static. But we have countless examples of how extremely expensive procedures and medications have become increasingly affordable under free-market conditions. Heart transplants are now almost routine; the janitor at the last apartment building we lived in had had one. AIDS was a fatal disease and we lost dear friends to it. But now AIDS is a chronic disease easily controlled by modern drugs. Static bureaucracies do not understand that leading edge treatments start off expensive, but get cheaper as free market forces drive down costs, improve access, and improve the chances of success.

When you ration expensive treatments, you remove the incentive to find cheaper alternatives.  Those who do the rationing, sentence to death those denied treatment, and countless more, who would have been saved, had the free market been given the incentive to develop cheaper cures.

There is a reason why the US has led the world in medical innovation; it still had a private component to its medical system. Under Obamacare, that will be lost.

Sarah Palin was right to warn against “Death Panels”; as the covers come off Obamacare, we see, more than ever, how right she is.


Look at the guy. He doesn’t hunt. He doesn’t fish. He doesn’t do dangerous stuff. He probably never fired a gun, let alone at a live target. Maybe we’d get a tour of fashionable Chicago restaurants, golf courses, Navy Pier, golf courses and gang territories. The whole idea doesn’t compute.

The mid-terms should have told them that the Obama administration was electoral poison and the best strategy for dealing with the Democrats in the lame-duck session was to block, filibuster and delay any attempt by the Democrats to pass anything in that session. Some alleged Republicans didn’t get the message, Mitch McConnell included. Our duty, as Tea Party Patriots, is to ensure every GOP traitor faces a primary challenger.

The problem seems to be that some of the GOP still thinks congress is a gentleman’s club, where rules are followed, tradition respected, and the constitution obeyed. The progressives could care less. As we saw in the passage of Obamacare, the progressives will break every rule, ignore tradition and shred the constitution to achieve their socialist objectives.

We have a solution to deal with wimpy GOP congress critters. It’s called a Tea Party Primary. Just ask Utah Senator Bob Bennet how that works. Hint: Bob lost his job.


Last night I made kebabs using organic grass-fed strip steaks. They looked good in the packaging and they were the only nice looking strip steaks on sale at my usual supermarket. My kebabs were great, except for the meat. It was tough, gristly, and flavorless. We were so disappointed we made the same kebabs this evening, but used tenderloin bought at our local deli, instead of organic grass-fed strip steak. Perfection.


The Tea Party movement was instrumental in letting our elected representatives know that we didn’t support repealing the Bush tax cuts, the Omnibus pork barrel bill , or the Dream Act.  All these went against core tea-party principles.

But DADT is not within the Tea Party core values. We could care less. Individual tea party members may say gays shouldn’t serve openly  and others may say they they should. None of them would say this argument has anything to do with core tea party principles.

DADT passed because it isn’t Tea Party business.

Sarah Palin and her family have been subjected to the most horrific personal attacks in modern American history. More lies have been told about her than any other politician. Yet, she shrugs off the attacks, fires off a few well-aimed shots at the lame-stream-media, and goes about her business. She’s a happy warrior who seems to relish the opportunity to counter-punch. Her TLC series has even been credited in its ability to “restore manliness to its rightful place”. It took a petite woman from Alaska to do that? Apparently so.

Can you imagine Barack Obama bringing down that Caribou? No. Can you imagine Sarah crying in public? No. John Boehner needs to man up. The Left attacks like rabid wolves when it senses any weakness.

The Omnibus spending bill failed today. Credit the Tea Party movement and the 21 Democrat senators up for reelection in 2012, who certainly heard from the Tea Party. The media had made this bill look like a done deal. I was very pleasantly surprised that it failed. The current house is a lost cause because all that is left of the Democrats are the gerrymandered progressives and the Black caucus. The Senate is a far different story because those 21 Democrat senators need to start acting like Tea Party Republicans if they want to keep their jobs.

Oh, and the really good news, Obamacare will not be funded in 2011, and the GOP can now defund it.

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