April 2011

The winner beat me by 2 hours and 12 minutes. Geoffrey Mutai set a course record when he ran a  Boston Marathon record of 2 hours, 3 minutes, 2 seconds. It was the fastest ever marathon time but it won’t be recorded as a record because Boston has such a large elevation drop.  Tell that to the average Boston runner. I qualified with 3:53 on a flat course and ran a good race to finish in 4:15.  The problem with Boston is it sucks you in with rolling hills in the first half, that are harder than they seem, and socks you with tougher hills right when you don’t want any more hills. Heartbreak hill isn’t so bad, mainly because your heart has already been broken.

If you are a runner, you aspire to run a marathon. If you are a marathoner, you aspire to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’ve achieved that after getting off the couch at age 50.


Yes. They played by the old Washington rules and got creamed. We needed one trillion dollars in cuts and they delivered less than a billion in cuts . (The images represent stacks of $100 bills).

The GOP establishment misses the mood of the country. We don’t want token cuts; we want budget balancing cuts. No matter what. Because the sooner we get our fiscal house in order, the better off we will be as a nation.

He’s a one trick pony. All he knows how to do is campaign. This wasn’t a policy speech. This wasn’t a rational response to Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. This was just a bunch of class warfare rhetoric mixed in with usual green energy baloney, where wasting taxpayer money on pipe-dreams is called “investment”. Obama was delivering a campaign speech to fire up what’s left of his base.

Unfortunately, the GOP leadership in Washington isn’t much better. They need to cut a trillion dollars off of government spending and they crow about a few billion, which turns out to be a few million after you account for the accounting tricks. Wimps, one and all. No, that’s too kind. Constitutional traitors, one and all.

Humanity emerged as the last Ice Age retreated 10,000 years ago. In geologic time, that is the blink of an eyelid. How would we cope when (not if) the next ice age arrives? Will my home state of Ohio function under a mile of ice? Can we stop the next ice age? Possibly. We could redirect more of the sun’s energy to Earth using giant mirrors in space,

Then we have to look at super volcanoes, such as the Yellowstone caldera.

The supervolcano has erupted three times over the past 2 million years – 2 million, 1.3 million, and 642,000 years ago. While researchers don’t expect another eruption any time soon, it could eventually explode, destroying life for hundreds of miles around it and blanketing North America in ash.

Can we predict such eruptions? No. Can we prevent them? Not now. Can we guard against them? Probably not, unless we go Dr. Strangelove. Luckily, humanity has infested the whole globe, so some distant former British colonies will survive and restore civilization.

Have you looked at the moon? It is just crater after crater. So is the Earth. But there are natural forces on Earth that hide the crater evidence. Continental drift and erosion hide some of the big scars, but enough remains to remind us that the universe is a dangerous place. An asteroid could hit our planet at any time and wipe us out. We have the technology to protect our home planet but we lack the will to do much about it.

If NASA is to earn its keep, it should address some of these scenarios.

Obama’s history remains a mystery. We  don’t have the paperwork. Where is the full birth certificate? We don’t have that. His college records? His Indonesian records? His school records from there suggest a Muslim upbringing. The recollections of his classmates? You’d think that people who knew him at college would grasp at the opportunity to grab at his coattails. Where are the records of his trip to Pakistan? Three colleges – Occidental, Columbia, Harvard – and we know almost zip.

So, Trump is doing good by raising these issues. Because, if Obama is forced to reveal his long form birth certificate, he will be forced to reveal all his hidden records.

The sooner this technology is employed in the Indian ocean, the better.

Then we would know which services actually were essential, and which services could be shut down. Forever.

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