May 2005

From Chuck Muth:

A burglar breaks into your house and steals $500. Outraged, you
declare, “I am going to put new locks on the doors, install an alarm, and sue
that burglar to get my money back!”

The burglar, who happens to be your next door neighbor, asks, “Don’t
you think that’s a little extreme?”

You hesitate, “Well…uh…I don’t know….”

The burglar proposes: “How about this? I’ll give you back $300. You
promise not to change the locks or install an alarm, and don’t go to the
cops with this. In return, I promise that I won’t break into your house
and steal from you anymore unless I really, really need the money.”

If that sounds like a good deal to you, you may be qualified to be a
Republican member of the Senate.

– by Owen Courreges at


I won’t be making a side trip to France, but it will be interesting to see the European reaction if France votes Non on the EU constitution.

Fox News has the story.

A decade ago, Hyundai stood for cheap and shoddy cars. They sold but only because they were cheap. Over the years, Hyundai has turned around that perception and now builds cars that are competitive with the Japanese brands. According to Edmunds:

The 2006 Sonata may be the first Hyundai we can recommend without qualifiers like “for the price.” Sub-$20,000 pricing (GL only) and 100,000-mile warranties will only get you so far. With the Sonata’s excellent attention to detail and generous standard features, the price is just icing on the cake. It may sound like blasphemy but Camry and Accord shoppers now have one more stop to make at the local auto mall before deciding on a midsize sedan.

Would that they could say the same thing about the big three’s mid-size offerings.

Following the successful strategy of Japanese and German car makers, Hyundai has opened a new plant in Montgomery, Alabama to build its Sonata mid-size car and Santa Fe SUV. when the plant hits full capacity in 2007 it will employ 2000 people.

Those who bemoan the loss of low-paying jobs to other countries forget the high-paying jobs that other countries create in the US. Who would have thought that a car manufacturer relying on cheap Asian labor would out-source their jobs to the US. But that’s what happened.

That’s why the super-majority required to defeat a filibuster is a danger to democracy.

Cheat Seeking Missiles has the scoop.

This follows the Japanese flag trashing cover.

Beldar Blog and Powerline are disgusted. So am I. Making a deal with the party of Robert KKK Byrd is insane.

These are the culprits: Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Mike DeWine (R-OH), Olympia Snowe (R-ME), John Warner (R-VA), Lindsey Graham (R-NC), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Lincoln Chafee (R-RI).

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