November 2005

The election on December 15th will seal the issue beyond all doubt.

Factors in our favor:

1. Terrorist enclaves are being eliminated by US and Iraqi take and hold operations, such as Operation Iron Hammer. History will show that retaking Fallujah was the beginning of the end for the terrorists. They’ve been on the run ever since.

2. Without enclaves the terrorists’ lethality is greatly reduced.

3. The terrorist coaltion of Al Qaeda and Baathist hold-outs is fracturing.

4. Iraqi forces are becoming more effective. What they lack in military effectivness they make up for in local knowledge.

5. The Election on December 15th will legitimize the Iraqi government in the eyes of the world.

6. The terrorist tactics of attacking Iraqi civilians targets rather than the US military has backfired; they have turned whatever public support they might have had against them.

Factors running against us:

1. The Democrat/MSM war against George Bush.

2. The publicity given to white-flag Democrat “war heroes” like John Kerry and John Murtha.

3. The MSM drum-beat working to convince the US public that our cause is lost.

We can yet snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Thanks to the Democrats stopping all further military assistance to South Vietnam, the North Vietnamese won a war despite losing every battle. John Kerry did more to ensure their victory than any of their own.

Unfortunately for the white-flag Democrats, they cannot regain the Presidency before victory in Iraq will be declared, not by us, but by the Iraqi people.


Hey, I’m not religious. But I have immense respect for the Judeo-Christian heritage of Western civilization in general and the United States in particular. I like Christmas. I like the carols. I like the hymns. I respect the humanity that Jesus’ message represents.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Let’s keep it that way.

So, if someone says “Happy Holidays” to me, I’ll respond with “Merry Christmas”. I’m tempted to say, “So, what’ s wrong with saying Merry Christmas? Is Santa going to be bringing you Happy Holiday presents?”

Congressman Cunningham was a genuine war hero, as Belmont Club reports. Yet, he succumbed to temptation and has paid the price.

Murtha has a murky history in the pork department, as News Busters documents. Moreover, he is a potential target for ethics violations. This Perspectives.Com Forum post quotes Rollcall:

Republican lawmakers say that ties between Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) and his brother’s lobbying firm, KSA Consulting, may warrant investigation by the House ethics committee…

According to a June 13 article in The Los Angeles Times, the fiscal 2005 defense appropriations bill included more than $20 million in funding for at least 10 companies for whom KSA lobbied. Carmen Scialabba, a longtime Murtha aide, works at KSA as well. KSA directly lobbied Murtha’s office on behalf of seven companies, and a Murtha aide told a defense contractor that it should retain KSA to represent it, according to the LA Times.

In early 2004, Murtha reportedly leaned on U.S. Navy officials to sign a contract to transfer the Hunters Point Shipyard to the city of San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. A company called Lennar Inc. had right to the land, and Laurence Pelosi, nephew to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was an executive with the firm at that time.

Murtha also inserted earmarks in defense bills that steered millions of dollars in federal research funds toward companies owned by children of fellow Pennsylvania Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D).

There is more dirt documented in this post, involving Pelosi. It has been suggested that Murtha proposed surrender in Iraq to make him a target for GOP attacks. Then, when the ethics charges came up, Murtha could claim it was revenge for his speaking “truth to power”. But now that a Republican war hero and corrupt congressman has gone down, it is going to be much harder for Murtha to use the political revenge defense.

Murtha’s call for surrender has already backfired once. If the Republicans had any spine, maybe they could make it backfire twice. Instead of insulating Murtha from an ethics probe, it may increase pressure to investigate his shady dealings as the most powerful Democrat on the House defense appropriations subcommittee.

Murtha is a hawk for pork, but not where it counts.

His Opinion Journal piece is a must read. Send it to all your anti-war friends who woulds never believe anything that Bush or Cheney says. Joe might get through to them.

In the shorter term (centuries) weather is a random event. If you live in a snow prone area, expect it. It’s going to happen.

If the snow starts falling most of the year and doesn’t melt, you have a problem. It signals that Earth is returning to its default state of the last few million years: Ice Age. Welcome to most of the snow-belt being under a mile of ice. That’s what an ice age would mean for the US. For Canada, well, it’s a bit hard to be a country when your whole terriitory is covered in mile-high sheets of ice.

We would like the default state? I don’t think so.

David Warren reminds us that a bio-terror attack is still out there. He writes:

Anyone familiar with their websites will know that a bio-terror attack claiming millions of lives has been the waking dream of Islamist fanatics for some time now — a fantasy preferred even to alternative nuclear or chemical attacks. It is because of this, and because such a bio-attack would be easier to pull off, that Interpol arranged the first of three major conferences, in Cape Town this week — to brief medics and police from several dozen countries on what they can do to prepare for it. The attack itself is “inevitable”, according to Ron Noble, the Interpol director.

Let’s go back and tie a few pieces together with lots of speculation. First, let’s review how easy it would be to attack a major city with weaponized anthrax. Take a small plane, a few liters of anthrax, and a simple dispersal device and terrorists could wipe out a large percentage of the population of Los Angeles or Miami or New York.

Oddly, Mohammed Atta (remember him?) spent some of his time in Florida trying to get a government loan so he could buy a small plane and convert it to crop-dusting duty. He was also interested in crop-dusting aircraft and kept hanging around a crop-dusting airfield in Florida. I wonder why he was interested in that line of business?

Then add in Atta’s possible second trip to Prague and meeting with an Iraqi agent, the ongoing mystery of the post 9/11 Anthrax mail attacks, and the possibility that one of the hijackers had skin anthrax. Since Al Qaeda did have not an advanced bio-weapons program, they may have needed another source of anthrax. Saddam seems the obvious choice. Perhaps Saddam, fearing that an anthrax attack would be blamed on him, decided not supply more than a sample of his anthrax to Al Qaeda.

Was an anthrax attack plan A and the attack of 9/11 plan B?

Perhaps it is fortunate that Atta went for the hijacking attack. An anthrax attack could have resulted in hundreds of thousand, even millions of lives lost.

The Tampa Tribune Online reports that the long-running Al Arian case has gone to the jury. Here’s the government’s position:

Earlier Monday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Terry Zitek completed the government’s rebuttal of last week’s closing arguments by the defense. Attorneys had argued that their clients may have voiced support for the Islamic Jihad but only sent money for needy families and orphans.

Zitek pointed to an FBI analysis of bank records that prosecutors say show some donated money diverted to fund a think tank and a school Al-Arian founded.

“When a terrorist organization like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad collects money and pays itself support, that’s not charity,” Zitek said. “The word ‘charity’ does not belong in the same sentence as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.”

He was equally dismissive of defense assertions that the men are being prosecuted for their words and beliefs.

The government is enforcing the laws of the United States, Zitek said, by prosecuting people who worked for an organization whose sole objective is to murder and maim.

“The defendants are all active members of a secret cell here in the United States,” Zitek said. “They knew full well what the PIJ did … and they performed their assigned roles to further the [group’s] illegal objectives.”

Unlike the other cases that are making the news, this case is about Palestinian Terrorist organizations raising money in the US to finance terrorist attacks on Israel.

Meanwhile, back in Cleveland, deportation proceedings against Musllim cleric Damra are dragging on. He is linked to Al Arian, as this NY Sun report explains:

The defense lawyer also accused prosecutors of giving “some sort of exemption” to a Cleveland-based cleric, Fawaz Damra. Jurors have seen video of a frenzied, screaming Damra at a 1989 conference Mr. Al-Arian organized, declaring ,”Terrorism and terrorism alone is the path to victory.” Damra was not charged in the current case, though he was named as an unindicted co-conspirator.

“Where in the world is Fawaz Damra?” Mr. Moffitt asked. “How did he get left out of this party?”

Damra was convicted of immigration fraud in Ohio last year and is facing deportation proceedings.

It is possible that Damra will avoid deportation because the law is proving itself an ass, again. That will bring joy to some:

The news has solidified Damra’s standing within the Islamic Center of Cleveland, a mosque polarized by the terrorism accusations and the exposure of videotaped, hate-filled speeches. But Damra remains a controversial figure both inside and outside the Muslim community.

I sure hope the FBI has that mosque bugged and infiltrated by informers, but somehow, I doubt it.


Damra has been arrested.

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