August 2011

The signals are mixed. I’ve heard that O4P organizers were told to expect an important announcement. I’ve read strategists who suggest the later the better,while Perry and Romney duke it out. Palin has set a drop-dead date of late September.

Her problem is that her army is focused on September 3rd. They are Tea Party people and this Iowa event is billed as a Tea Party event. If she doesn’t announce then, she is going to lose a lot of support, my wife included.


Obama is perceived to be a weak President, but that hasn’t stopped him from inflicting terrible damage. His EPA is regulating America’s energy sector to deliver on his campaign pledge to make electricity prices skyrocket. His NLRB cronies are delivering regulations and rulings that are 100% pro-union. The Boeing ruling is typical. He used the oil spill in the Gulf to shut down further oil exploration across the nation. Worse, he borrowed billions to lend to Brazil to support its deep-water drilling operations.

Obamacare is a slowly unfolding catastrophe. Everything it promulgates increases healthcare costs.  The exception is Medicare, which is gutted. It is already hard for Medicare recipients to get Doctors to see them because the reimbursement rates are so low. Obamacare makes this worse. I’m no fan of Medicare, but gutting a program without allowing a private sector alternative is bad.

Obama has betrayed our allies and given support to our mortal enemies across the world. His petulance in returning the British gift of a Churchill bust  told us all we need to know about his mindset. He was more interested in protesting British colonialism in Kenya than celebrating the greatest war-time leader of WW2.

A bad President could instruct ATF officials to force gun-shops in Arizona to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels. It seems the idea was to demonstrate that the cartels were being armed by gun-shops and therefore the Feds would need to regulate gun sales. Would the media report such an outrage? Nope.

His Middle East policy should be re-titled “The Muslim Brotherhood Spring”.  His antipathy and insults to Israel are shocking. Luckily, Israel has a strong leader and nukes. It can form new alliances. I can see India and Israel getting much cozier.

I’ve just touched on a few subjects in this post. But we are seeing how much power a Democrat president has. The MSM will never, ever, in a million years, question anything  a Democrat president does.


I felt today’s DC earthquake in Cleveland. It was just two little jolts. But the Midwest is not immune from major earthquakes. In 1811/1812, four magnitude 7~8 earthquakes hit New Madrid in Missouri. Two hundred years is but a heartbeat in geologic time. More such earthquakes can hit without warning. California is well prepared for such earthquakes, having experienced so many over the last century.

Midwest cities like Cleveland and Detroit are run by corrupt Democrat machines. Building codes may exist but they are not enforced. Bribery is rampant. So, when the big one hits such a city, how well will it do? Will buildings collapse because they weren’t built to code? Is the code stringent enough to protect against a magnitude 8 earthquake? I hope I never find out.

Sarah Palin is not a declared candidate, yet volunteers, on their own accord, have created Organize for Palin. Is this an example of a cargo cult, where people built runways, hoping she will fly in and deliver the goods, or is it something she has secretly organized. False dichotomy. I take it as a message to Palin, from those who know her accomplishments, that she will have a massive army of volunteers ready to sweat blood, sweat and tears to campaign on her behalf, should she declare.

No other candidate has that secret army. Romney can’t buy it, Perry can’t create it in time, Paul’s army is limited and where is Organize for Bachmann ?

I thought Newt did well, He smashed Chris Wallace and ground him into dust. He was also good on this stupid committee of 12. I thought the Bachmann/Pawlenty feud was narrowly won by Bachmann. She is no Sarah, that’s for sure. Herman Cain had some good lines. I like him as Commerce Secretary or something. Most of these people are running for cabinet posts, not the top job. Romney failed the Romneycare test. Hated Huntsman. Santorum was good in some areas, especially when he took after Ron Paul on Iran. But he’s not going to get any traction. Ron Paul alternates between smart and crazy so often it makes your head spin.

Without Perry and Palin present, this debate did not help decide who might be the GOP nominee; on the other hand, it showed who should not.

I watched her interview with Allen West. It was so bad I turned it off. She asks dumb questions, spouts dumb nonsense, and wastes her interviewee’s time.

I understand that ratings determine whether or not one survives on TV. It is a sad commentary on the American public that Greta survives. I suppose it is the public’s media driven obsession with cases like the Natalee Holloway disappearance and the Caylee Anthony murder that keep Greta on air. She covers them in excruciating detail.

But then, I don’t have much time for Bill O’Reilly’s egomania or Sean Hannity’s talking points only style. You get much better value at PJTV.

Pretty easy. Arm the police and announce that looters will be shot on sight. Better yet, let law abiding citizens arm themselves.

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