July 2006

This resource gives us insight into Palestinian attitudes. Condoleeza Rice seems to be a particular target because she is a black woman. The monkey-in-the-womb cartoon is particularly offensive, and the rest are little better. The idea that a single black Christian woman could be the most powerful woman in the world really gets up their noses.

What they don’t understand, can’t understand, won’t understand, is that Rice’s success epitomizes America. It tells the world that in America, anyone can achieve success. Most Americans take pride in that. In the Palestinian’s insular, ignorant, tribal world, success is killing a Jew or two.

It isn’t much better in the US Islamic world. I watched Osama Siblani, publisher of the Arab American News defend the monkey cartoon on O’Reilly.

I’ve got a little suggestion for our racist Islamic friends: don’t insult our Secretary of State. She holds your fate in her hands.


I don’t think I can find a link to prove this assertion but I doubt you’ll find any evidence that US authorities gave WWII Gernan POWS copies of Mein Kampf. But we give our Muslim terrorist prisoners Korans that we treat with the utmost respect. That’s crazy. They find their inspiration in the Koran and use it to justify every vile act committed against Infidels and fellow Muslims.

I’d like to suggest we give them Korans that have been passed by an American corprate HR department. It would remove any verses that might give offense to women, Jews, Christians, Bhuddists, Hindus, atheists, multiculturalists and the ACLU. That should cut the Koran down to just a page or two.

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Muhammed was a warrior who established Islam and led by example. The example, by Western standards, was horrendous. No one could imagine Jesus sanctioning the beheading of hundreds of Jewish male prisoners of war and the sale of the Jewish women and children into slavery, but Muhammed did. Muhammed himself took one of the women for himself. Oh, what a perfect example of humanity. Oh, what a great example of Allah’s will. Oh, such mercy.

But, despite his inhumanity, it is doubtful that Muhammed sheltered behind women and children when he went to battle. But that’s what Hezbollah does. That makes them cowards by any standards, including their own.

The Israelis have warned Lebanese civilians of impending attacks by dropping leaflets alerting them of possible attacks. Hezbollah does not. They don’t say, “We are going to launch 50 rockets at Haifa in the next 24 hours so take cover or evacuate”. Quite the opposite; they launch inaccurate rockets without warning. The only “target” can be civilian since there is no way for them to actually hit an Israeli military target.

Israelis do not have the luxury of choosing to avoid military targets. The Lebanese do. That is, if Hezbollah lets them. But Hezbollah knows that civilian casualties are good propaganda, so they do all they can do to cause them.

The Autoblog posts an account and pictures of a cargo ship that capsized off the coast of Alaska. The ship was carrying 4,700 Mazda vehcles, 30% of them the very attractive CX-7 crossover SUV.

It appears the ship can be salvaged. The fate of the cargo is less certain.

But here’s the point to consider. The Mazda CX-7 was being shipped from a Mazda plant in Hiroshima, Japan. Two generations ago Hiroshima lay in ruins after the first use of a nuclear weapon in war-time. Japan itself was devastated by a war that it started and the US finished.

Now Japan is shipping advanced automobiles and a host of other advanced technologies across the world. Its car manufacturers have set up shop in the US and are driving the Big Three to the brink of bankruptcy. The world looking at the ruin of Japan in 1945 could never have imagined that Japan could rebound and challenge the economic might of the USA. Nor could they imagine that Japan would become a Democracy and America’s strongest ally in Asia. But that happened under US guidance and protection. Japan represents the best of the West.

The Middle East largely escaped the devastation of WWII. The economic expansion in Europe, Asia and North America needed vast supplies of oil. Much of that has been supplied by the Middle East using Western drilling technology, Western refining tecnology, Western transportation technology, Western marketing and it is used in a wide range of applications based on Western technology. Without oil, the Middle East would have remained a technological and cultural back-water, like Africa. With oil, the Middle East developed into a technological and cultural back-water, with great cash-flow. It sure isn’t wealthy because that cash-flow has never been used to create real economic wealth. All we will ever see shipped from the Middle-East is oil and terrorism. We are unlikely to see Arab cars shipped in Iranian cargo ships to compete in the toughest car market in the world.

Threatswatch reports that:

While Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki met first with Prime Minister Tony Blair in Britain on Monday and then with President Bush in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to much fanfare, a less heralded but possibly more significant showing was made in Baghdad as followers of the radical Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr made their gravest threats yet against the Iraqi government. Occupying the grounds around the prime minister’s office with a sit-in, Sadr’s followers demanded that Maliki cancel his trip to Washington in protest against attacks on Sadr’s Mahdi Army, which has been blamed for the most gruesome attacks on Sunni civilians. U.S. and Iraqi troops have increased operations against members of the Mahdi Army and the Sadrists are responding by threatening to wage war on U.S. troops and, apparently for the first time, against the Iraqi government itself.

Al-Sadr’s threats and his militia’s actions are akin to the activities of their Hezbollah brethren. They have gone too far and the axe is about to fall.

Powerline links to reports from the Israeli press that suggest Israel is not pressing its advantage over Hezbollah. The cited Jerusalem Post report says:

As a result of the cabinet decision, the IDF said the operation in Lebanon, now called “the war within the straits” would retain its current format, according to which brigade and battalion-level forces – not division-level as Halutz had requested – carry out pinpoint incursions on specific targets. The IDF stressed that if Bint Jbail – where eight Golani soldiers were killed on Wednesday – did fall into Israeli hands, the victory could have a ripple effect on other Hizbullah strongholds and cause them to surrender.

Israel may never again get the chance to strike a decisive blow against Hezbollah. Could they do it under a Democrat Administration? I kinda doubt it. A party trying to shove Joe Lieberman overboard isn’t going to be a robust supporter of Israel doing anything except conceding territory.

The Israeli government should give their generals free reign to annihilate Hezbollah. They should hold the Lebanese government accountable since Hezbollah is part of that government. Civilian casualties? That’s what Hezbollah has been inflicting on Israel with its rocket attacks. Luckily, Israelis were prepared with bomb shelters and evacuation plans, so casualties have been low.

The Lebanese civilians have been less fortunate since Hezbollah wants as many civilian casualties as possible. Dead Jews are good, but dead Muslims killed by Jews are much better; they have tremendous propaganda value. Israel needs to reinforce the fact that Hezbollah shelters behind civilians; that civilians have had clear warning to clear out of Hezbollah controlled areas; and that all civilian casualties on both sides are solely the responsibility of Hezbollah.

Belmont Club speculated on Israel’s intentions. He wrote:

It’s the conventional wisdom and maybe Nasrallah hopes it’s true. But already doubt is apparently creeping into his soul. Sixty or more Lebanese have reportedly been arrested as Israeli spies in Beirut. The Hezbollah see them everywhere. Although subsequently denied, there were reports that Nasrallah had sought refuge in the Iranian embassy. In the meantime Ahmadinehjad and Assad are ceaselessly calling for ceasefires. Everywhere the word “ceasefire” is heard. But never from Israel. Maybe somewhere in his mind Nasrallah’s realized that the IDF isn’t after some buffer zone: they are after him and his cadre. His cadre they already have: they are fighting to keep real estate they are doomed to lose. Nasrallah himself they may have by and by. But there may be worse to come. Whether accidental or not, the IDF attack on Kiyam raises the specter that it will operate eastward against the Bekaa valley and perhaps eventually against the Beirut-Damascus highway. That would cut off supplies from Syria to his men in the south and to his command element in Damascus. Then where would Nasrallah’s influence over Lebanese politics be? And how should he fare against his former adversaries in the recently concluded Civil War? With the onus of all the ruination he has visited upon Lebanon upon him and his forces in stuck in a southern front against the IDF he may find it hard to cut the swath he once did in government circles.

Perhaps the Israeli cabinet needs to start reading Belmont Club. Because, if Hezbollah is able to re-establish itself, Iran will arm it with much more lethal weapons than the pip-squeak Katyusha. Instead of missile warheads loaded with ball bearings, Israel might face missiles delivering chemical weapons, dirty nuclear waste and biological weapons. Israel, get the job done. Bush and Rice, give Israel all it needs to get the job done. A few hundred daisy cutters might come in handy.

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