March 2008

Big Lizards documents Obama’s rise to power. If half of what he says is true, then Obama is the ultimate Chicago political operative. His opponents keep getting rubbed out. Hopefully, he has met his match in the Clinton machine.

Go read the whole piece and marvel as the aura of saintliness falls away, election by election.


They held their noses and voted for Hillary and they achieved their objective. The Democrats are now guaranteed to be squabbling, exposing each other’s weaknesses, and wasting a ton of money between now and their convention in late August. What more could McCain have asked for from the steadfast GOP voter?

He Who Must Not Be Middle Named (HWMNBMN) and PIAPS will be slinging so much mud and dirt at each other that both will look like they’ve been in a mud-wrestling bout, come Denver.

Some may say it is dirty pool for Republicans to vote in Democrat primaries. I made the case that primary voters in Democrat states gave us McCain. Call it pay-back.

Hillary is going to score a decisive victory in Ohio and stay in the hunt in Texas. The big mo will switch to Hillary and the Dems will have the excitement of a brokered convention. The scandal mongers will have lots of fun with Obama over NAFTA and Rezko so he’ll go into the convention as damaged goods. Just like Hillary.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.