October 2010

Who knows? The pollsters are all over the map. The partisan Democratic pollsters are trying to manufacture a Democratic resurgence and failing. Most pollsters come up with a GOP take-over of the House, but not the Senate. The polling depends on historic turn out models. But these may not apply in 2010.

Conservatives are truly, madly, deeply distressed by the Obama administration’s action. They will all vote this time. Traditional Democrats will protest their lost jobs by staying home or voting GOP. Independents, who voted Obama, are likely to switch.

I’m not going out on a limb by predicting that the GOP will take the house. I am going out on a limb by predicting that the GOP will take the Senate because O’Donnell will win. How can she win? She has been so demonized by the left that a lot of people are scared to admit they support her or her agenda. But voting is different from responding to a poll. Maybe she wins.


George Bush appointed Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice based on their merit. Democrat President’s appoint blacks to token positions to look good from an HR perspective.

Democrats run black candidates in gerrymandered black districts. They rarely run black candidates in white districts.

Republicans run black candidates in white districts based on their merit. Tim Scott and Allen West will win their seats with minimal black support. Tim Scott won his primary against Strom Thurmond’s son in the deep South. Both will win.

The message is that Republicans look at the person; Democrats look at the color of their skin.


Saw Jenny Beth Martin this weekend, speaking to our local tea party group. She is one of the founders of the Tea Party Patriots movement (NOT to be confused with the Tea Party Express, which is a partisan GOP operation). She said the media does not understand the Tea Party movement. She predicted the media will be very surprised when the movement melts GOP phones when they violate the movement’s three core principles:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Constitutionally Limited  Government
  • Free Markets

The Bush I & II administrations violated those principles. If the GOP fails to stop Obama in his Socialist tracks and defund his agenda (especially Obamacare), then it will face a 3rd party challenge in 2012.

The mid-terms will see some dramatic changes in Congress. One of them will be the sudden ascendancy of conservative women, often at the expense of liberal women. Sarah Palin has been endorsing many such women. They’ve all gotten good publicity Some may think it is because she favors women over men without regard to merit. I don’t see that. Look at her list of endorsements. She’s endorsed 81 men and 23 women. I don’t have the stats but that probably isn’t too far away from the ratio of conservative men to women that are running. The key word is conservative.

I would admit that her female endorsements, such as Nicky Haley and Carly Fiorina, have garnered a lot of publicity from Palin’s endorsement. That is by design. Palin knows that more women vote Democrat while more men vote Republican. She is trying to move the women into the Republican corner. She has a good shot at doing that. By actively campaigning for some of the GOP conservative women, she is trying to take away the Democrat’s advantage with women, while changing the perception of the GOP amongst women.




We chose Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell this evening. The House is likely won; the Senate is critical and hangs in the balance.

Lisa is a lying, leftish, low-life RINO. She needs the boot.

Christine will vote to repeal Obamacare and the rest of his Socialist agenda. That’s all you need to know.

We’ll be looking at local Ohio races to see which ones are close for our next round of giving. In the meantime, checkout HillBuzz’s on-the-ground reports to help you decide where to donate.

So will 2010. The tea party spirit is back. Thank you, President Obama, for awakening us from our slumber. If McCain had won, we’d still be asleep.

Post the 2008 election, VP candidate Sarah Palin returned to her day job as Governor of Alaska. But, it wasn’t the same job.

She had electrified the geriatric McCain campaign and threatened Obama’s march to victory. Overnight, Journolist declared war on Palin. Her ill-advised interviews with Couric and Gibson, edited to show her in the worst light, were the opening shots in a campaign to destroy her. The insane left attacked her family with a viciousness beyond belief.

So, she goes back to Alaska and finds that her governing coalition of moderate Democrats and clean Republicans had been broken. For some strange reason, the Democrats decided that Palin was a threat to Obama. Heck, they may even have thought she posed a threat to his 2012 campaign. I have no idea why they thought a failed VP candidate would pose a threat, except, maybe because she out drew the top of the GOP ticket. Or maybe, if the McCain campaign had let her go after Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers as she wanted, the Obama bubble may have been burst. So the Alaskan Democrats now took their marching orders from the Obama White House. Moreover, Democrat operatives discovered that the ethics laws, that Palin had championed in her fight against corrupt Republicans, could be used against her. So they buried her under trivial ethics complaints. None of them panned out, but they cost the Palin administration a lot of time and the Palin’s a lot of their own money. The Democrats had her pinned down in Alaska, unable to govern effectively, and facing personal bankruptcy. Under those conditions, there was no way Alaska Governor Sarah Palin could threaten Obama on the national stage. Mission accomplished.

Unfortunately, Palin understood the Alinsky tactics being used against her, and used them to escape the trap. She did the unexpected, and destroyed her chances of national office by resigning as Governor of Alaska. She faded into obscurity to write an autobiography that nobody would bother reading. Unfortunately, a lot of people liked her book. It became a best seller and made her wealthy. Unfortunately, a lot of people still wanted to pay big bucks to hear her speak. Unfortunately, she started endorsing candidates across the political spectrum, and many of those candidates won their primaries and look like winners in the mid-terms. Unfortunately, the media, even the lame stream media, noticed that she was a force to be reckoned with in GOP circles.

Fortunately, Sarah Palin is much smarter than the lame stream media and Democrat operatives. Unfortunately, they didn’t understand what reload meant, not being familiar with guns and stuff. When she said she wasn’t retreating, just reloading, she meant it. She sure did reload, and now she’s blasting away on all fronts.


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