March 2009

The Daily Mail Online has a horror story about a British hospital where patients died by the hundeds:

The ‘shocking’ catalogue of failures was released yesterday after an independent investigation by the Healthcare Commission.

It found Government waiting time targets and a bid to win foundation status were pursued at the expense of patient safety over a three-year period at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust.

The commission’s report – revealed in yesterday’s Daily Mail – said at least 400 deaths could not be explained, although it is feared up to 1,200 patients may have died needlessly.

The comments on the article reveal a lack of faith in the NHS:

Sadly we hear these horror stories about hospitals all over the UK, my own local hospital really is filthy looking and I even hate visiting anyone who is ill and forced to be there, I dread ever having to go in there myself, it would be my worst nightmare. Also friends and family from all over the UK tell me stories much the same as mine, we are going back the way instead of forward in our hospitals. This has been going on for many years now, let each person stop paying for the NHS and put our money toward private health insurance, I can’t afford both so I have no choice but to use the filth and uncaring NHS.

Can’t happen in the US? Sadly, that’s where Obama wants to take us. Socialist medical systems don’t care about you, whether in England, Cuba or VA hospitals in DC.


Auto sales are down 30 to 40 percent. Profitable auto makers like Toyota, Honda and BMW are suffering along with Detroit. But think what would happen if GM and Chrysler went out of business. Under current market conditions, the other auto makers could easily replace the output of GM and Chrysler. In doing so, they would be able to maintain their current levels of employment in the US. The tax-payer, the long suffering tax-payer, who is too scared to even think about buying a new car, would be saved billions of dollars. Ford, the only Detroit auto-maker that hasn’t drunk from the public trough, would be saved.