January 2011

The US has been giving Egypt $1 billion a year in assistance, much of it military.  Egypt now has 1000 M1 Abrams Tanks built in Egypt under license, and 2700+ older tanks of American and Soviet origin. The Air Force has 216 F16s, plus hundreds of older planes. The Air Defense command is well stocked with second-to-latest generation US and Soviet missiles.

If Egypt falls to the Muslim Brotherhood, they inherit all these weapons. The US’s top priority should be to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Hey, you may say, Al Qaeda is not the same as the Muslim Brotherhood. A little history from GlobalSecurity.Org:

In 1998, Bin Ladin started to create the foundation for a merger between al Qaeda and another terrorist organization, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. On February 23, 1998 the leaders of the two groups, Bin Ladin and Ayman Zawahiri, published a fatwa that made public a “ruling to kill the Americans and their allies.” The fatwa not only instructed individuals to kill innocent civilians and members of the military but also stated that it was their duty to do it whenever and wherever possible.

Egyptian Islamic Jihad had its origins in the Muslim Brotherhood. They are two heads of the same serpent; one terrorist and the other political. Both pursue a radical Islamist agenda that sees the US and Israel as the enemy, to be destroyed at any cost. I hope our President is cognizant of the dangers, but I suspect he doesn’t have a clue. This is his Jimmy Carter moment; will he let radicals takeover Egypt, just as Carter let radicals take over Iran,  or will he stand firm?

And to answer my title question, how about blocking the Suez canal to Western shipping?


There is a certain earthiness about Mrs. Palin. We got glimpses of it in her Alaska TV show. You could tell she was comfortable working with fishermen and lumberjacks; people known to use salty language on occasion. That quality came out when she talked to the gruesome Greta Van Susteren about President Obama’s state of the union speech. Mrs. Palin said:

His theme last night in the State of the Union was the “WTF,” you know, “Winning the Future.” And I thought, “OK, that acronym, spot on.” There were a lot of “WTF” moments throughout that speech.

She went on to criticize his speech in a Facebook post. Here’s a sample of what she means by WTF.

The President glossed over the most important issue he needed to address last night: spending. He touched on deficit reduction, but his proposals amount to merely a quarter of the cuts in discretionary spending proposed by his own Deficit Reduction Commission, not to mention the $2.5 trillion in cuts over ten years suggested by the Republican Study Committee. And while we appreciate hearing the same President who gave us the trillion dollar Stimulus Package boondoggle finally concede that we need to cut earmarks, keep in mind that earmarks are a$16 billion drop in the $1.5 trillion ocean that is the federal deficit. Budget cuts won’t be popular, but they are vitally necessary or we will soon be a bankrupt country. It’s the responsibility of a leader to make sure the American people fully understand this.

In other words, Mr. President, “What the F**k are you doing to our economy?”

John Hinderaker, at Powerline, is strongly against Mrs. Palin running in 2012. A few days after that post, he wrote:

Make of it what you will, but the best commentary I’ve seen on President Obama’s State of the Union speech is Sarah Palin’s. It’s all worth reading;

That counts as a WTF moment at Powerline.

The more important point is that Mrs. Palin once again stands out as Obama’s most visible opponent. I’d also add the most viable opponent. She has withstood the most sustained and vicious attacks ever launched upon any politician and she has emerged stronger than ever, a smile on her face and a new zinger on her lips. They have nothing left to throw at her. And I bet that has Team Obama worried.


My wife has been complaining about the cruddy job our Bosch dishwasher has been doing lately. More often than not, she has had to hand wash dishes after they came out of the dishwasher to remove a nasty and persistent film. She was on the verge of calling the dishwasher repair person when I chanced upon this article at the Tampa Tribune online site, TBO.Com.

It seems the EPA and states decided that phosphates had to be removed from dishwasher detergents because:

every load of dishes also poured phosphates into the drain water, ultimately reaching lakes and oceans and encouraging huge algae blooms that plagued sea life

Dishwashers’ contribution to the problem is minimal:

Agriculture, construction and water treatment centers are the biggest users of phosphates. While Cascade officials say dishwashing represents just 3 percent of the phosphate in the environment, “Cascade is doing its part,” and removing it.

There are costs associated with this EPA mandated ban that the EPA likely never considered. Let’s start with this problem:

That white film on dishes is mainly made up of magnesium, calcium and aluminum – the elements that help make water “hard.” The stains don’t easily rub off, even with soap.

While those minerals are common in many foods, Cascade officials published an online FAQ about the problem and said “we always recommend that consumers wash any residue on dishes before using them again.” In other words, rewash the dishes you just washed.

Manually rewashing dishes requires more water, more energy to heat the water, and more detergent waste entering the environment. It gets worse:

Over time, that gunk can build up in dishwashers, DiChristopher said, clogging motors, sprayers and bearings. Given enough time, a dishwasher can become useless.

Manufacturing a dishwasher consumes energy, raw materials and labor. If dishwashers break-down prematurely, consumers pay more and the environment suffers more. But the Ivy-League educated bureaucrats and pseudo-scientists that infest the EPA have a higher purpose; they can ban something and feel good about themselves. They can pat themselves on the back and say “I helped save the environment”. That’s crap but they are too stupid to understand that.

Consumers are smart, though. They soon figured out that commercial enterprises are exempt, and restaurant suppliers sell the good old phosphate laden stuff in bulk.

She can make leftist heads explode with two words. “Death Panels” and “Blood Libel” are the most famous examples. What is most annoying to the  left is that when you start drilling down, you find she is exactly right. Obamacare is all about saving costs by attenuating care for the less productive members of society. Blaming her for the spilling of innocent blood by a lunatic really is a “blood libel”, especially when one of the victims  was a child.

And let us address another leftist theme; that she is an extremist who spouts hateful rhetoric. Unless you consider opposing Obama’s Socialist agenda hateful, or opposing abortion hateful, you would have an impossible task in finding anything hateful in her record. If you look at her record in Alaska prior to her selection as VP candidate, you would see a bi-partisan moderate with a fixation on rooting out corruption and changing the relationship between “Big Oil” and Alaska in the Alaskan people’s favor. She was successful on both counts.

Why is the left so spooked by our Sarah? I think it starts by how heavily invested they were in Obama. Her GOP convention speech skewered and ridiculed their idol, and the McCain/Palin ticket rose in the polls. Her campaign rallies drew larger crowds than McCain’s own rallies. Obviously, she was a bigger threat to Obama than the geriatric McCain. So they went all out Alinsky on her.

They did the best they could to bankrupt and destroy her in Alaska by filing numerous, baseless ethics complaints using legislation that Palin had promoted to counter corruption. She didn’t count on corrupt people using the legislation against her. She beat them by resigning, and then used Facebook and Twitter to connect with people without the LSM filtering. The LSM was forced to report her Facebook posts and Twitter tweets as news. No other politician has been able to do that.

Moreover, the more she strikes fear in their hearts, the more they attack her, giving her more exposure when she does turn their attacks back on them. This is driving them crazy, and they launch ever crazier attacks. Heck, if they had let her be as Governor of Alaska, she would have served out her term, maybe done a few national speeches and op-eds and left it at that. But no, the rabid left couldn’t help themselves. But all they have done is strengthen her and strengthen the resolve of her supporters.

I found this funny, especially since I missed my run this evening because we got 4″ of global warming that clogged up the freeways, and I couldn’t get to where I needed to be.

If you don’t click the link, here’s the gist:

Atlanta, which has gotten 4 to 7 inches, has just eight snow plows. The city hired a fleet of 11 privately run trucks to help spread salt and gravel.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/01/11/global-warming-reveals-shortage-of-snow-plows-in-atlanta/#ixzz1An8tj9UR


Charles Krauthammer hammers her and George Will denigrates her qualifications to be President. They are very much DC insiders. We are going to see many more such hit-pieces from their like as we head into the 2012  Presidential primary campaign.

We’ll also see thousands of “concern-trolls” flooding conservative web-sites with the message that they think Sarah is doing a great job but she isn’t qualified to run for President. These tend to be Romney or Huckabee acolytes.

The Left has a problem. They think an Obama-Palin Presidential race is a slam-dunk for Obama. So, in open primaries, should they go all out for Palin? I sure hope they do.

I think Sarah Palin will enter the race. She has shown a unique talent for exposing the lies of the Obama Administration, while proposing constructive alternatives.

I’m not religious, whereas Palin is. That doesn’t bother me. A leader who believes in a higher power is less likely to abuse their power than one who who thinks he has absolute power. Stalin, Hitler and Mao come to mind. She doesn’t wear her religion on her sleeve. Her faith guides her but she keeps it personal. We’ll be seeing lots of hit-pieces suggesting that Palin’s fundamentalist religious beliefs will guide her. Unfortunately for such critics, her guide is the Constitution of the United States. She has already preempted that line of attack by labeling herself as a “commonsense constitutional conservative”.


I spotted a sweet looking car in our employee car park and wandered over to take a peek. It was the latest Hyundai Elantra. It competes with cars like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, but it looks like it belongs in the mid-range segment. It is styled using the same design language as its bigger brother, the Sonata, but it comes across as less extreme and more elegant.

When I turn in my leased Honda Accord in a couple of years, I’d seriously consider this car. With gas headed into $5 territory, 40 mpg gets my attention.

Ford and Chevrolet are at least mounting credible competition in this market segment with the Fiesta and Cruze. Honda and Toyota better watch out.

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