March 2006

Employers have an incentive to hire illegals; they work for minimal wages. That incentive would change if the price of hiring illegals increased. This could be done by raising the cost of hiring illegals through the tax system or the legal system. Suppose the penalty for hiring an illegal was $10,000 per offense and it was enforced. Pretty soon the jobs for illegals would dry up.

The employers would then have a number of options.

1. They could try to attract legal residents and US citizens to perform the work. In some cases, such as in urban service industries, this might be a viable option. Without competition from illegals, poor urban folk living on welfare would have more chance of finding employment.

2. They could look for ways to mechanize the manual labor formerly performed by cheap illegal labor. In agricultural industries this may be viable. Nobody harvests grain with sickle and scythe anymore. Why should workers pick fruit and vegetables by hand? With genetic engineering and carefully controlled growing envionments, it should be possible to ensure that fruit and vegetables can be harvested mechanically.

3. They could move their operations to where the cheap labor lives. With NAFTA, this has proven a viable option for the auto industry, amongst others.

Investing in capital makes America richer. Importing poor Mexicans to do low-paid labor makes America poorer. Bush is wrong to talk about jobs that Americans won’t do. If Americans won’t do such jobs, the jobs don’t belong in America. Automate the jobs or move the jobs to Mexico.

Illegals have many incentives besides employment to enter the US. They can get world class healthcare for free and leave American hospitals stuck with the bill. Here’s a simple change that would change the incentives: US Hospitals will treat illegal immigrants if, and only if, the country of their citizenship agrees to pay all medical costs incurred by their nationals in US hospitals.

They can get welfare. If they needed to prove they were in the US legally before they could qualify for welfare, that incentive would be removed.

Another incentive is that children born in the US become US citizens, despite the fact the parents are in the US illegally. Then the parents can acquire legal residency through family reunion policies. This is madness. The law needs to be changed so that US citizenship is only granted to children born in the US to people legally in the US.

Various cities won’t enforce Federal Immigration laws. These scoff-law sanctuary cities need to learn that voiding Federal laws voids Federal dollars.

Politicians that refuse to act against the flood of illegal immigrants also need some incentives. Voting these characters out of office would be a good start. The voters saw the rioters in LA flying Mexican flags and claiming ownership of US territory. They were not pleased by that sight. They will know what to do with politicians that won’t act against such rude and uninvited “guests”.

The brilliant Thomas Sowell has more thoughts on illegal immigration here and here, where he writes:

mmigration has joined the long list of subjects on which it is taboo to talk sense in plain English. At the heart of much confusion about immigration is the notion that we “need” immigrants — legal or illegal — to do work that Americans won’t do.

What we “need” depends on what it costs and what we are willing to pay. If I were a billionaire, I might “need” my own private jet. But I can remember a time when my family didn’t even “need” electricity.

Leaving prices out of the picture is probably the source of more fallacies in economics than any other single misconception. At current wages for low-level jobs and current levels of welfare, there are indeed many jobs that Americans will not take.

The fact that immigrants — and especially illegal immigrants — will take those jobs is the very reason the wage levels will not rise enough to attract Americans.

This is not rocket science. It is elementary supply and demand. Yet we continue to hear about the “need” for immigrants to do jobs that Americans will not do — even though these are all jobs that Americans have done for generations before mass illegal immigration became a way of life.

My point precisely.


Sue Bob’s Diary has the links. She asks:

Can we please stop pretending that the Muslim culture or whatever you want to call it, is anything BUT a danger to our country? Can we stop pretending that we can make over Muslim countries in our image? Can we stop dreaming that if we let them over here in masse, that their children will become fans of Beavis and Butthead, and thus, okay with American culture.

Seems like Sue Bob doesn’t hold out much hope for Muslim countries. On the other hand, under the Taliban, we wouldn’t have even had a chance to raise a stink about such barbarism. That is slight progress, but we need to see much more.

The problem Bush has is that the left wants out of the war on radical Islam because they have no stomach for the fight, and some on the right want out, because they don’t consider taming Islam worth the cost.

Whacking Day is a good place to start. If you are not used to the Australian idiom, be aware that familiarity with the language used by rough men defending our freedom would be helpful. Right off the bat I found out about another movie based on the work of my favorite novelist. The way India is moving ahead these days we better start getting used to Bollywood movies.

Then we have a long thread on pizzas around the world.

Politics a plenty:

Stupid guy need big heap help

Attention Antony Lowenstein: Islam is not a ‘race‘. Criticising Islam is not ‘racism’.

Having your tongue perpetually crammed up the arse of every Islamofascist and screaming about ‘zionism’ doesn’t make you an independent thinker Antony, merely a paranoid, self-hating terror-apologist.

Lowenstein is the kind of arseclown who, if he was alive in WW2, would probably have blamed the invasion of Poland on “Zionist provocation”.

Check here.

Betsy at Betsy’s Page writes:

They [the French] have established a system that will inevitably fail unless it is modified. But there are so many in the middle and upper class who benefit from the system that they are willing to take to the streets to protest any modest bow to rationality that the government might take. The government seems powerless before both the rioting poor and the rioting middle class students. This is what happens when a nation ignores the principles of basic economics and votes in such policies as guaranteeing that no one can get fired from a job but everyone is guaranteed elaborate benefits.

Tapscott at Tapscott Behind the Wheel writes:

Sooner or later reality had to catch up with the UAW’s blind demands for massive wage hikes, lavish health care and pension benefits, virtual lifetime employment security through job banks that pay 90% of the unemployed’s previous wages and decades of spending hundreds of millions of dollars in members’ dues to support politicians whose public policy agendas were equally out of touch with economic reality.

There just isn’t anything like a free lunch.

At least the GM and the UAW face competition from foreign car makers that have insourced manufacturing to the US. The French public faces an entirely different threat; insourcing by a foreign culture from the Dark Ages.

If you haven’t seen this tribute, take a look.

Via lgc: peace be unto us.

By way of contrast, and if you have a strong stomach, you can check out Saddam’s henchmen dispensing justice Sharia style. The link is at James Hudnall’s blog.

Common Sense & Wonder links to another sad story from England, land of the National Health Service. If you get MS, don’t expect to get the drugs that will help you in time to help you:

…according to Mike Boggild, consultant neurologist at the Walton Centre in Liverpool. He says that he knows of 50-100 MS patients who have been told they cannot have the drugs, even though under an agreement reached in 2002 ministers promised that they would be provided to all those who qualified.

The MS Society said that some patients had been told they would have to wait a year before being prescribed a drug, while others had had their assessments delayed so they were not on a waiting list.Tom Elkins, of the MS Society, said the problems were greatest in Staffordshire, Sheffield and Wales. He added: “These drugs can prevent disability and there are very clearly defined eligibility criteria. But people are being told they can’t have them because the NHS hasn’t the money to pay for them. We’re back to a postcode lottery. To get the most benefit, patients need these drugs as soon as their illness is diagnosed, not a year later.”

Ain’t socialism wonderful? Actually, Britain still permits private health care so you get a choice if you have the money. Canada has just started moving that direction. Maybe Cleveland will no longer be the hip-replacement capital of Canada some time in the future.

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