There really wasn’t much doubt that he would blow away the competition. The most remarkable aspects are how little he actually spend and how much his opponents spent trying to take him down with negative ads.

On to the general. after a few more formalities such as the California primary. There is lots of speculation on his possible VP pick. It probably won’t be Cruz or Rubio, two first time senators with no real standing inside the GOP establishment.. It won’t be Bush or Ms. Graham (as we call him in out household). Fiorina and Carson lack the political experience Trump wants. Chris Christie is a possibility, as is Jeff Sessions. Rick Scott might have a shot, although Trump can win Florida on his own. Kasich is too weak on illegal immigration to be taken seriously by a campaign that wants to build a wall. If Trump wants to play identity politics, there are three GOP women governors and Senator Tim Scott who could be contenders.

One off the wall suggestion is Ivanka Trump.