October 2009

Hoffman got the Sarah endorsement and the impact was enormous

Politico reports:

Hoffman, whose campaign barely had a presence in the district as recently as two weeks ago, is getting help from a well-oiled conservative ground game, with hundreds of volunteers from tea party groups and leading conservative organizations working in upstate New York to help him get out the vote next Tuesday.

Hoffman’s campaign now has five campaign offices teeming with volunteers across the sprawling district. By contrast, Scozzafava’s campaign has just one office in her home base.

The anti-tax Club for Growth, pro-life Susan B. Anthony’s List, Eagle Forum and anti-illegal immigration Minuteman PAC all have staffers on the ground knocking on doors, making calls to Republican voters and delivering pro-Hoffman literature to churches.

“Our efforts on the ground give a voice to the thousands of voters in the district who believe that life, marriage, and fiscal responsibility all matter. We didn’t create these people. They were there all along, despite being ignored by the Republican Party,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List.

Hoffman has also benefited from national conservative commentators—from Glenn Beck to Rush Limbaugh—who have been friendly to his campaign on the air, leading many listeners to donate money to his campaign.

As his poll numbers have surged, some of the most prominent names in the Republican Party have bucked the GOP establishment and endorsed him, ranging from Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

The surge in support came when Palin endorsed Hoffman on Facebook last Thursday (October 22, 2009) and used SarahPAC to contribute to his campaign. Scozzafava got no such surge when Newt endorsed her. So, who is more powerful? Sarah or Newt.

Christie is struggling in New Jersey. He may even lose to Corzine. If Hoffman wins and Christie loses, the political landscape will shift dramatically in Palin’s favor.


Newt Gingrich, the guy who sat on a couch with Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) and told us Al Gore (D) was right about the threat of global warming even while us poor Mid-West Tea Party Patriots were freezing our buns off, thinks the GOP should support a left-of-center-of-the Democrat-party candidate as the GOP candidate to replace Rep. John McHugh (R). McHugh  took the job of army secretary in the Obama administration. I suppose McHugh figured they needed some adult supervision.

Anyways, Gingrich came out supporting whats-her-name, the official GOP candidate, apparently selected because she might attract Democrats who like her because she has exactly the same positions as the Democrat she opposes. This makes no sense.  But Newt went on national TV to support whats-her-name.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin goes all in for the conservative party candidate, the unassuming Doug Hoffman. Whatever the outcome of NY23, Palin sided with true conservatives and real patriots. Gingrich didn’t. Pawlenty and Huckabee went AWOL. Romney tries to have it both ways. Who will we support (we being one of the 1.2 miilion+ who went to Washington on 9/12) for 2012? Palin wins hands down.

In her Facebook post she writes:

The people of the 23rd Congressional District of New York are ready to shake things up, and Doug Hoffman is coming on strong as Election Day approaches! He needs our help now.

Doug Hoffman stands for the principles that all Republicans should share: smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and a commitment to individual liberty.

Political parties must stand for something. When Republicans were in the wilderness in the late 1970s, Ronald Reagan knew that the doctrine of “blurring the lines” between parties was not an appropriate way to win elections. Unfortunately, the Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate who more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race. This is why Doug Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party’s ticket.

Republicans and conservatives around the country are sending an important message to the Republican establishment in their outstanding grassroots support for Doug Hoffman: no more politics as usual.

This is a huge shot across the bows of the Republican establishment. It is also a play for the disaffected conservatives who are making the Tea Party movement and 9.12 groups a potent political force outside of the GOP country club. Palin is playing for keeps. Will she bend the GOP to her will, or will she run as a conservative?

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Not very well, I’m afraid. Even if you didn’t vote for him, you hope your President will serve America well. But President Obama is serving poorly. He seems to be stuck in campaign mode, seemingly unable to understand that the job of President is quite different from the job of running for the job. Every decision is filtered through a highly politicized filter that rules out any action that might offend a key interest group. So, let’s take a look at the record so far.

Obama and the resurgent Democrats rammed though a massive stimulus package that was supposed to pull us out of Bush’s recession. Without Obama’s stimulus package, he claimed that unemployment would hit 8.5%. But he was going to keep it down to 8%. We’re now heading towards 10% with no end in sight. Corporate profits may be improving, but cutting out the fat does that. That is not to denigrate the fat. There are a lot of good people out of jobs because companies closed down complete divisions.

Obama claimed he was going to hit the reset button on foreign affairs. The French (sic) think Obama is gutless on Iran, the Russians know he’s a patsy, the Israelis hate his guts, the Chinese lecture him on the virtues of capitalism, and the UN thinks he’s the answer to their prayers. So much for the reset button.

Obama is trying desperately to close Gitmo. His administration wants to try unlawful combatants in the US civil system. That is incredibly stupid, as the experience with the 1993 WTC bombers showed. We jailed the perpetrators but the organization behind that attack came back in 2001 and completed their mission. You’d almost think Obama was barely aware of any connection between 1993 and 2001 and you’d probably be right.

Obama is trying to move the US healthcare system to the UK model. He seems determined to destroy the world’s remaining source of medical innovation. He probably doesn’t see it that way; he’s more concerned that illegal immigrants should have better access to leading-edge healthcare  than they can get at ER rooms. Old folk, well they should just get counselling as to why they should die sooner rather than later. Most folk are not happy with that notion.

Obama couldn’t even win the Olympics for Chicago. He did get the Nobel Peace Prize, which puts him in the company of Yassar Arafat and Jimmy Carter.

Obama is still pushing the “Captain Trade” idiocy. He’s from Chicago. Has he seen any nice winters lately? I ran the freak Chicago marathon in 2007 when temperatures hit the 90’s. This year, 40’s. Us mid-west runners are very sensitive to weather and temperature. We ain’t seen no global warming lately. Last year was nasty. Been a while since we had a mild winter.

I just got started and I have a full blog entry.  More soon.

The news media is full of reports about the three runners who died while competing in the Detroit marathon. This is somewhat unusual for a medium sized marathon. I suspect it is just one of those statistical blips. It was a great day for running, so it wasn’t like the Chicago disaster of 2007, where the temperatures hit the 90’s, runners were dropping like flies, the race got cancelled after 4 hours, and one person died. I was there and I witnessed a heat-struck runner sucker-punch a female runner. He’d just gone loco from the heat.

It is hard to believe there was something unusual about the Detroit marathon. Interestingly, none of the deceased had gotten past the halfway mark.  According to the report:

Daniel Langdon, 36, of Laingsburg, collapsed at about 9:02 a.m. Sunday between the 11- and 12-mile markers, said Rich Harshbarger, vice president of consumer marketing for the Detroit Media Partnership.

Rick Brown, 65, of Marietta, Ohio, collapsed at 9:17 a.m., near where Langdon went down, and 26-year-old Jon Fenlon of Waterford collapsed at about 9:18 a.m., just after finishing the 13.1-mile half-marathon in 1:53:37, Harshbarger said.

So, it wasn’t the marathon distance that killed them. We’ll have to wait for the autopsies to know why these men died. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t be too concerned about an epidemic of marathon deaths. From the same report:

Deaths at marathons are rare. Minneapolis cardiologist Kevin Harris presented a study this year at the American College of Cardiology’s 58th Annual Scientific Session showing the death rate for marathons was 0.8 per 100,000 participants.

I’m not going to stop running. I ran my 17th  marathon on October 11th in similar conditions to Detroit and had a blast. I ran my second best time ever and qualified for the Boston marathon ( a big deal in marathon circles). I’m doing another marathon on November 7th to celebrate another runner’s 60th birthday.

If you have an underlying heart condition, or you carry on running when your body is screaming “stop”, or you drink too much water during the race, or conditions are extremely hot and humid, then you risk death. I think you risk an earlier death by not being active. You don’t have to catch the marathon bug  (which is mild compared to the Ironman bug or the ultramarathon bug), but you can get a lot of the  benefits of being a marathoner simply by walking a 3-4 miles, 4-5 times a week. In the two years before I started running, I lost 30lbs just by walking to and from work, a 4-mile round trip.

The caveat, as always. Get a physical and your Doctor’s blessing before you hit the road (or better, the trails through the woods during fall).

Rocky River Reservation, Ohio

It is a beautiful time of the year for running. This is what the trail looked like this morning for my easy 10 miler.

Fall running

Fall running

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