December 2011

Once in a blue moon, she does something useful. Shutting up while Rush educates the GOP is good. She should do it more often instead of parading her ignorance.


He dropped out of the race. They disappeared from view. Mission accomplished.

Diane Sawyer is so grating and condescending she makes Greta almost bearable.

I was brought up as an atheist and it stuck. But I don’t deny that I might be wrong. You cannot disprove a negative and the proposition “There is no God” cannot be proven false. In other words, atheism is also an act of faith. I believe there is no God but I can’t prove it.

What I do recognize is that Western civilization developed under Judeo-Christian principles and found its ultimate expression in the founding documents of the United States of America.

In Elizabethan times, atheism was punishable by death. In Muslim countries, it still is. I respect the Judeo-Christian tradition of tolerance and forbearance that lets me not believe. But I respect belief and I hate all those atheist asshats who try to banish our Judeo-Christian traditions and beliefs from the public square. Atheists live because Christianity won its long battle against Islam. Had the hordes from Mecca breached the gates of Vienna, the world would have been plunged into true dark ages where science and rationality could not exist.

Christianity and Judaism allow the exploration of God’s universe. Islam does not. Atheists, be grateful.