There is virtually no difference between the Republicans and Democrats in congress. They are owned by the donor class and follow that class’s globalist agenda. Hillary says she wants open borders and open markets across the Americas when she gives paid speeches behind closed doors. Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell et al worked hand-in-hand with Democrats to pass open borders legislation (the Gang of 8’s Comprehensive Immigration Bill).and more open market trade deals (TPP). You will note that these are the GOP types who are working to undermine Trump.

Trump threatens the donor class so they are pulling every dirty trick in the book to destroy him. Trump wants to stop the flood of illegal immigrants that cross our southern border. Illegals kill 4,000 US citizens annually (figures the DOJ works hard to hide), and that doesn’t count the thousands of drug overdoses from the drugs brought across the border by the Mexican drug cartels. Cheap labor is far more important to the donor class than American lives and jobs.

Trump wants to stop the export of American manufacturing to China and Mexico by renegotiating trade deals like NAFTA and China’s membership of the WTO. That threatens the donor class who profit greatly by exploiting cheap labor markets.

When GWB ran, the press dropped an election ever bombshell that GWB had a DUI conviction.

When McCain was running, the NYT ran an election eve frontpage story that falsely accused McCain of having an affair with a lobbyist.

When Romney ran, the media labelled him a “vulture capitalist” who tortured dogs and gave women cancer.

Now that Trump has a chance, they are pulling out all the stops. NBC dropped the Billy Bush tape where Trump speaks crudely about groupies (you mean, you never heard about groupies?). Now, right on cue. all sorts of women are coming forward with unverifiable claims that Trump groped them.Just like they did when Herman Cain was surging in the polls.

There may be a reason why Trump is not being killed in the polls; Trump supporters no longer have any faith in the mainstream media.