The Trump supporters I know include a retired surgeon and his nurse wife, a Shakespeare scholar, a builder’s laborer active in GOP and Tea Party circles, a single mother and nurse, a lawyer, a veterinary physician and a retired grade school principal. Not exactly the great unwashed.

What drives them towards Trump?

1. Utter frustration with elected GOP politicians for their failure to stop Obama from implementing his radical agenda, despite huge victories in the last three election cycles.

2. A sense that the country they grew up in is disappearing fast, as illegals and Muslims pour in at unprecedented rates. “Adios America”, as Coulter wrote.

3. The sure knowledge that everything Big Government touches only benefits special interests.

4. Recognition that debts must eventually be repaid yet the nation’s debt has almost doubled under Obama, with nary a whimper from the GOP.

You get the drift. Supporters of other candidates have similar concerns.

A rude, arrogant, narcissistic billionaire from New York would seem to be an unlikely choice for voters with these concerns. And he was, when the campaign started. But then he railed against the illegals flooding in across the border, claimed he would build a wall, that Mexico would pay for it, and illegals would be deported. He shattered the PC prohibitions against even mentioning illegal immigration as an election issue. We know, every election cycle, GOP politicians say they will build a fence and secure the border, but they never do it. Heck, in the omnibus bill, they didn’t even fund their fence. So Trump calls the illegals murderers and rapists and drug dealers, but maybe some of them are good. All Hell breaks loose. Trump doubles down. That’s when people started to take Trump seriously. He broke down the Berlin wall of political correctness to talk about an issue that concerned ordinary Americans. Meanwhile, Cruz and Rubio were changing their positions on immigration almost daily.

Trump did it again when he called for a temporary halt to Muslim immigration. All Hell breaks loose. Trump doubles down.

When almost every manufactured good that you buy is labelled “Made in China” or Japan or Mexico, and our landscape is covered in boarded up factories, then talking about “fair trade” and making better deals sounds good. My majors were economics and mathematics, so I know the theory behind free trade and the benefits of eliminating trade barriers. But that is not how the world works. China steals American trade secrets, places huge burdens on American exporters (Boeing, you must build planes in China if you want to sell to us), and devalues its currency to its advantage.

It is rude, crude stuff but Trump has done us the courtesy of providing detail about his policies in Crippled America and on his website. That’s how I found out what he meant by a “good” immigrant.

End welfare abuse. Applicants for entry to the United States should be required to certify that they can pay for their own housing, healthcare and other needs before coming to the U.S.

If Trump fizzles out, we’ll be back to the tired old cycle of voting for a professional politician who will say conservative things on the stump but vote progressive when elected. In that case, why bother? Let’s just stay home and give it to Hillary or Bernie. At least they won’t betray us.