Trump’s plans for the presidency are outlined on his web-site and fleshed out in his book, “Crippled America”. I’ve read both and I don’t see any “self-delusions of grandeur” beyond his belief that he can implement what he proposes. Since he has a track-record of doing just that in the complex world of real-estate in New York and beyond, I give him some credibility. He says he will make Mexico pay for the wall. Remittances from Mexicans in the US back to Mexico exceed Mexico’s Oil revenue. Don’t you think there is some leverage there? Or in renegotiating NAFTA? Or modifying the tax code to encourage Ford and Nabisco to stay in the US?

Mexico has huge incentives to export their poverty, criminals and drugs to the US. Isn’t it time to eliminate those incentives? Who started that conversation and who continues to hammer it? A tin-pot dictator would open the borders, arm the drug cartels and reduce the penalties for selling heroin. Guess who did all those things?

He hasn’t held office but he has interacted with politicians for all of his professional life. He described exactly what Peter Schweizer exposes in his book Extortion. Trump freely disclosed that he contributed to Nancy Pelosi. A couple of years later, when he had problems with environmental impact statements in California, he called Pelosi. He said, “If I hadn’t donated she wouldn’t even have taken my call.” He knows how the game is played and he has been exposing it on the campaign trail.