I’ve likened this race to a deadly embrace:


Cruz and Rubio are in a deadly embrace. Neither will yield but neither can beat Trump until one yields.

The other problem they have is momentum. The more Trump wins, the harder it is to slow him down.

Suppose Cruz and Rubio make a deal. If you beat me next time, I’ll drop and give you the VP slot. Both are young, so it wouldn’t be a bad deal for either of them.Could their egos let this happen? Maybe.

But then, where do the votes go?

Suppose Cruz drops How many Cruz votes go to Trump, instead of Rubio? I’d suspect a significant percentage go to the other anti-establishment candidate.

Suppose Rubio drops. How many Rubio votes go to Trump instead of Cruz. I suspect a significant percentage go to the less extreme candidate.

No matter how you slice and dice the race, it is now Trump’s to lose. You will see him moderating his attacks on his opponents and returning to his core issues, the ones that have brought him this far.

Meanwhile, Cruz and Rubio are locked in a deadly embrace.