Communists understood that political power comes from the barrel of a gun. If Communists had taken control of the USA, the last thing they would do is surrender military superiority. But that is what Obama is doing. Obama believes political power comes from the power of his rhetoric. Despite total failure, he acts out this fantasy.

Afghanistan is now a total disaster because of Obama. He announced a surrender date, and he apologized for our troops destroying desecrated Korans.

Iraq is likely to become an Iranian client state because the US has turned tail and run.

The biggest threat to our interests in the Middle East is Iran. Obama, the strategic genius, is withdrawing from Iran’s western border and its eastern border. One would think that retaining a strong military presence in Iraq, including missile defense systems, would make strategic sense. Obviously, Obama, the strategic genius, is playing a larger game. Unfortunately, it seems that game is “cut the US down to size”.