I’ve been somewhat skeptical of the claims of climate alarmists. So far as I can tell, climate variations experienced in the last century are within the bounds of the climate variations experienced in the last 1000 years. Perhaps that is why Mann and company were so desperate to eliminate the Medieval warming period from the climate record. I’m also somewhat puzzled by the demonization of Carbon Dioxide. If it is so bad, why not regulate the precursor element in the atmosphere? Without O you cannot have CO2.

It turns out that CO2 concentrations have been 10 to 15 times higher in geologic time. World temperatures varied between ice-ball Earth and the balmy Carboniferous era. So much for CO2 being the driver of global climate.

The reality is that almost all life on earth depends on photosynthesis. Plants absorb CO2 to create organic compounds and release oxygen as a waste product. I suspect Obama does not know this. The carbon content of the fossil fuels that we exploit today came from a long ago atmosphere. In my view, it is our God given duty to recycle it back into the atmosphere. Plants will be happier. Humanity will be wealthier, and just maybe, we’ll have a shot at preventing the next Ice Age.