I’m not religious but I refuse to say I’m an Atheist, because they all run around acting like their own exclusive religion. I can’t disprove the proposition that God exists so I respect those who have faith that God exists. I also recognize and love the fact that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. The most important of those is that God endows rights; not man. If you do not believe in God, you should interpret this is as a declaration that all men are born equal. An Atheist should also delight in the motto “In God We Trust” because it implies we should trust no mortal. They don’t, of course, because they see the word “God” and go ape-sh*t.

You now know where I stand. Not a Catholic but sympathetic to Christian values. We are left to wonder about the impact of the Obama Administration’s decision to require religious institutions to provide contraceptives and morning-after pills to employees. I suspect they just “jumped the shark”. Loyal Democrats have done their best to explain Obama’s policies, and now, where do they go?