Just for the record, I loathe Romney. Not quite as much as Obama, but close. So I’d vote for him over Obama. But only to get rid of Obama.

Romney had to spend  a lot on money on dishonest, negative advertising to win. His campaign showed Tom Brokaw reporting on Newt’s alleged ethics violations without reporting that Newt was cleared of all of them. Newt paid a $300k fee to pay for the investigation and the IRS eventually concluded there was no wrong-doing.

Romney has a ceiling of support not much higher than he got in 2008. He can win while the conservative vote is split between Gingrich and Santorum. I don’t know if the Ronulans would split for anybody.

Romney has nothing positive to run on. He uses his money to destroy his GOP opponents. He can do it for a while but he can’t do it forever. Just label him Obama 2.0.  If he can’t disavow Romneycare, how can he disavow Romneycare 2.0, aka Obamacare?

If Newt is my only horse in this race then I’ll back him. Anything to beat Obama and Obama 2.0.