According to her brother, she was on the verge of running but decided not to,  quite recently. Who can blame one who has endured so much yet stayed so strong?

I believe her speech at Indianola, Iowa represented her announcement speech. Because of various organizational issues, she could not announce then. But she still gave some of that announcement speech, and it was a very impressive speech. One GOP candidate recognized that speech and understood its content and publicly remarked upon it. That candidate was the smartest one in the GOP field. This was before she decided not to  run, so he was looking at her at a competitor.

On that basis, I suggest Palinistas start rallying behind a most unlikely Palinista candidate, Newt Gingrich.

In my view, Sarah Palin should not endorse anyone just yet. But maybe she could start saying who she won’t endorse, starting with Huntsman and Ron Paul.