The date to watch is October 11th. Palin will be in South Korea giving a one hour speech on leading the world out of the current economic crisis. She is the keynote speaker among 250 leaders from 40 countries, including former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Obviously, she won’t announce on foreign soil. There are GOP debates scheduled for October 11th and October 18th. If she announces before the 11th, she guarantees intense media coverage of her South Korea speech and she sucks airtime away from her competition. If she announces afterwards, she will not have the same momentum. She would enter the debate on the 18th as a late-runner.

Hey, I’m just a software guy who runs a lot and blogs a bit. What do I know about political strategy?

But, my bet is she announces days before October 11th, and goes to South Korea to deliver a speech with the whole world focused on her. Her speech will recap the themes of her Iowa speech but translated into a global context. It will hit the news cycle the day after the GOP debate and dominate. My best guess, fellow Palinistas.

And, if she decides not to run, I’ll be all in for Herb Cain.