Back in October 2010, she said:

We cannot undo the damage done by the Obama agenda until we replace Obama himself,” Palin said. “These two elections, 2010 and 2012, go hand-in-hand. … The theme of 2010 has got to be rebuke their errors, reject, repeal; and then the theme of 2012 — it’s renew, revive and restore.

At the time, I wrote :

That is a declaration of war against the Obama agenda. She is doing it early, before the mid-term elections. Not after. She isn’t waiting on the polls to say when she should go after Obama. She has declared war on him now. No other GOP contender has come close to matching her aggressive stance against the Obama agenda. She nails it by by going back to basics, the three r’s.

As the last few days of September pass, the political world waits to see if Governor Palin will announce. I don’t see “if”; I see “when”. She’s been campaigning against the Obama agenda for years. She has plowed the ground, and sown the seeds of his destruction: “Death Panels“, “Hopey Changey Stuff“, “Drill, Baby, Drill“, “Crony Capitalism” – these Palinisms have found fertile ground on the political landscape, and she owns them.

Political analysts are going to be looking back at her record, as she sweeps to victory, and suddenly realize that she had a strategy all along, and a brilliant one at that.