Here I am, the atheist son of socialists, rooting for Sarah Palin to run. Heck, she doesn’t believe in evolution. She prays to God and seeks his divine guidance. She talks funny and mangles her syntax. How could an intelligent person vote for her? I’m alluding to an encounter my wife had with a Jewish friend at a polling booth in 2008, where my wife was watching for voter fraud, and my dear wife told our friend what she was doing, and our ex-friend said, “You, an intelligent woman, how could you not vote for Obama?”. The implication was that only a fool would vote for McCain and his hillbilly sidekick.

The Judeo-Christian heritage we share has served us well. It delivered the post enlightenment world that has delivered incredible wealth and prosperity. It also delivered a world in which atheists can live free. Why would I be fearful of a committed Christian in office? I’d consider it a blessing.

Presidential Elections are not about theology. They are about leadership and direction. Sarah Palin shows leadership and has a direction. Crony capitalists, like GE, are not invited.