She ran a half marathon in Iowa last weekend and finished in 1:46:10. My PR for the same distance is 1:45:31,  set in 2004 at the tender age of 56. So, I set myself a goal of exactly matching her time. Well, it was warm and humid, and I’m now 63, so I missed by 11 minutes. That doesn’t sound like much to a non-runner but it is a lot.

I went to and found that a Sarah Palin had finished an Alaskan marathon in 3:59:46. That is pretty damn good for any first timer. So I used their calculator, based on a huge database, to extrapolate what Sarah would have done in a marathon, based  on her Iowa half marathon time. She would have destroyed her Alaskan time with a predicted time of 3:42:21. And then I nearly fainted. That was the exact time I ran when I qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2004.

I’m on the same page as Sarah, and on the same pace.