That’s a great result in the  40-49 age group. Finishing second and getting hardware (i.e. a medal) is good in any runner’s  record.

I’ve become a reasonably good distance runner, late in life. In 2004  I ran a 1:45 half.  A month later, I ran a 3:42 marathon, which qualified me for the Boston Marathon. Only 10% of marathoners can meet Boston’s standards.  I’m not bragging; I’m just establishing my credentials, and giving you a benchmark.

So, the day after Sarah Palin gives a major speech, where she announces her policy positions, but doesn’t announce that she is running, she goes out and runs a half marathon, under her maiden name, and runs a really hot time. She didn’t announce that run either.  Nobody knew, except Todd, who picked up her race packet. Crazy like a fox that lady.

Sarah could easily qualify for the Boston Marathon, if that was her goal. But I think she has a greater target in mind. I sure hope so.

But I sure like the way she responded to “Run, Sarah, Run”.