If he does, the United States of America goes the way of Rome. A country stupid enough to re-elect the worst President ever does not deserve to survive. Come that event, the country should rename itself North Argentina.

But I don’t believe it will come to that. Unlike Bill Clinton, he has shown no ability to adapt to political realities. He remains a rigid ideologue and leaves in place incredibly bad people who are destroying any chance he has of recapturing the middle ground. Lisa Jackson at the EPA seems determined to fulfill Obama’s pledge to make energy prices skyrocket. Eric Holder has created a legacy that makes Obama a sitting duck every time the likes of Sarah Palin wants to take a shot. It’s so bad she can fire at will and score a kill.

The MSM sold Obama as a competent, uniting moderate who could bring the country together again. The independents who bought into that snow-job know better now. Obama can’t run as a moderate since he has now revealed his true colors. He can’t run on leadership abilities, since he has shown none. He can’t run on competence, since he has displayed nothing but incompetence. He can’t even cheat his way back because the GOP controls the electoral process in too many key states.

Sarah said he’s a lame duck. I reckon he’s a dead duck. No way he wins unless a miracle occurs. I’m trying to figure out what that miracle might be. Short of a cataclysm, I’m coming up short. Choose between dead duck and toast; the end result is the same.