Obama picked up the Perot voters as well as the groups that were excited about him. The former thought they were voting for a unifying centrist who would work with both sides of the aisle to solve America’s problems. That was the image projected by the Obama campaign and its handmaiden, the mainstream media. They may not have been infatuated with Obama, but they bought the Obama campaign’s message. The McCain campaign barely had a message, but that is another story.

Today, the Perot voters know they were sold a bill of goods. My brother-in-law, a small business owner, voted Perot and Obama. Now he listens to Glenn Beck, tracks politics, and is madder than hell. He feels betrayed by the media.

Obama has a lot of political problems. The low-turn-out groups that turned out for him in 2008 won’t be there in 2012. The hard-left is bitterly disappointed that Obama has continued so many of Bush’s war policies. Democrats in states like West Virginia and Louisiana will turn on Obama for his energy policies. The Perot voters will desert him because he lied to them.

But all is not lost for Obama’s remaining fans. The GOP has already betrayed the voters who gave them a landslide victory in 2010. The GOP establishment hates the people who gave them that victory, the Tea Party Patriots, and Sarah Palin. In Ohio, the GOP spent millions to elect John Husted instead of the Tea Party preferred candidate. The GOP will do all it can to foist a business-as-usual GOP elitist upon the party and expect to win.

Here’s the reaction that will cause: The people who delivered 2010 will focus on the House and Senate, and work against the GOP establishment in every primary. Their focus will be on destroying the GOP establishment and neutering Obama. It sure won’t be focused on electing another its-my-turn RINO. It won’t even take a third-party challenge. The GOP primary fights precipitated by the selection of yet-another-RINO will give Obama a Pyrrhic victory in 2012.