Todd Palin. He’s been almost invisible, and that’s the way he probably likes it.

When one looks at Sarah Palin, one should also consider the nature of her husband. When Sarah found out Trig would have Down’s syndrome, she asked “Why us?” and Todd replied “Why not us?”.

Yet, he thinks nothing of racing a snow machine 2000 miles in arctic conditions at 80+mph. When Sarah wondered if she could do the race, he firmly put her in her place, by asking whether she could change out a broken front ski while standing waste deep in freezing water (from memory, you get the picture). He ran a successful commercial fishing business and worked long shifts on the North Slope. He personally built their home in Wasilla.

He’s not the power behind the throne but he is her bulwark. When you have a partner-in-life who epitomizes old-fashioned American manhood, it makes it easier to bear the crap thrown at you by the likes of Andrew Sullivan, Chris Matthews, George Will and the rest of the elitists. They denigrate her and her family, but they would last two seconds doing what Todd does, day in and day out.

What true American will not admire Todd and his wife.