Sarah Palin has already demonstrated a personal command of Facebook and Twitter as a means to communicate with her base and influence the political debate. She has 3 million fans on Facebook, many of whom are ready to donate, and volunteer. Does she need a professional campaign staff when she can call on this Army of Davids? Well, yes, but she doesn’t need troops on the ground, when this army is awaiting the call to action.

There are dozens of web sites that support her. Some of the most prominent are Conservatives for Palin, Texas for Palin and Sarah Palin Information blog. They keep her supporters up to date with everything related to Sarah Palin. Whatever she says or does, they broadcast, for free.

Open Source? What is Open Source? Open Source software is free software created by hundreds or thousands of software developers donating their time to creating professional-quality free software. Two great examples are Linux and Mozilla/Firefox.

Palin is going to use that model in her campaign. Her millions of FB faithful and Twitter followers will do the work of hundreds of paid political professional for free. Guess who wins that contest.