If she’s running, she’s running her way. During her interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Governor Sarah Palin responded to a question on whether putting social security on the table was too drastic:

Absolutely not. It’s necessary. It’s like a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme right now. There are going to be fewer payers paying into the system than there are recipients. Something has got to change. So, we can’t just say that social security is that third rail of politics that can’t be touched. No, that and Medicaid, Medicare, all the entitlement programs, and of course the discretionary spending, all of that has to be on the table. Otherwise, there will be no social security net. There will be no Medicaid or Medicare or anything else. There will be no entitlement program because our country will be underwater. We will be bankrupt. We will be beholden to and owned by other countries if we don’t put everything on the table.

My bold. How many other potential contenders would tackle this looming crisis head-on. How many have called Social Security a Ponzi scheme? No Democrat, and, so far, only one Republican.