Anybody who would work for Obama in any capacity is not fit to run against him as the GOP candidate. Huntsman fails on that count alone. Worse, he resigned from his Governor’s position to work for Obama; Palin resigned from her’s to better continue her fight against Obama.

Palin has been demonized by the Left (including the media) ever since McCain picked her. They have thrown everything they have at her, her children, and her husband. Unlike lesser souls, e.g. Gingrich, she has stood firm and fought back with grace, wit and class. They have nothing left to throw at her. That won’t be the case with any other GOP contender.

She isn’t polling well at the moment, but then Reagan wasn’t either, at this stage of the 1980 election. She has nowhere to go but up; Obama is still going down.

By 2012, gas will be in $5 range, unemployment will still be around 10%, Obamacare will be starting to kick-in in the worst way possible — employers bailing out of employer sponsored health insurance without the government run alternatives in place — and the Middle East will be a disaster zone. Iran will have nukes and most of our former Arab allies will have fallen to Al Qaeda’s civilian wing, the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama will own the whole dang mess.

We know from SOTU that Obama doesn’t have a clue on how to turn the economy around, so that’s not going to happen. Palin got it exactly right; SOTU was full of WTF moments. Despite the disastrous example of Spain, Obama is still pushing uneconomic green solutions while destroying domestic energy production – coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear power. Palin has been strong on domestic energy production as a national security issue from day one. With the Middle east blowing up, who looks smarter?

I’m not seeing anyone else out there taking the fight to Obama like she is. Romney? Huckabee? Huntsman? Gingrich? Daniels? Pawlenty? Thune? Bachmann and De Mint are the only others standing tall in this battle for the Founding Fathers’ America.

The one politician who is seen as the anti-Obama is Palin. As his failures become even more obvious, she is the one who will reap the political reward, one way or another.