The US has been giving Egypt $1 billion a year in assistance, much of it military.  Egypt now has 1000 M1 Abrams Tanks built in Egypt under license, and 2700+ older tanks of American and Soviet origin. The Air Force has 216 F16s, plus hundreds of older planes. The Air Defense command is well stocked with second-to-latest generation US and Soviet missiles.

If Egypt falls to the Muslim Brotherhood, they inherit all these weapons. The US’s top priority should be to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Hey, you may say, Al Qaeda is not the same as the Muslim Brotherhood. A little history from GlobalSecurity.Org:

In 1998, Bin Ladin started to create the foundation for a merger between al Qaeda and another terrorist organization, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. On February 23, 1998 the leaders of the two groups, Bin Ladin and Ayman Zawahiri, published a fatwa that made public a “ruling to kill the Americans and their allies.” The fatwa not only instructed individuals to kill innocent civilians and members of the military but also stated that it was their duty to do it whenever and wherever possible.

Egyptian Islamic Jihad had its origins in the Muslim Brotherhood. They are two heads of the same serpent; one terrorist and the other political. Both pursue a radical Islamist agenda that sees the US and Israel as the enemy, to be destroyed at any cost. I hope our President is cognizant of the dangers, but I suspect he doesn’t have a clue. This is his Jimmy Carter moment; will he let radicals takeover Egypt, just as Carter let radicals take over Iran,  or will he stand firm?

And to answer my title question, how about blocking the Suez canal to Western shipping?