She can make leftist heads explode with two words. “Death Panels” and “Blood Libel” are the most famous examples. What is most annoying to the  left is that when you start drilling down, you find she is exactly right. Obamacare is all about saving costs by attenuating care for the less productive members of society. Blaming her for the spilling of innocent blood by a lunatic really is a “blood libel”, especially when one of the victims  was a child.

And let us address another leftist theme; that she is an extremist who spouts hateful rhetoric. Unless you consider opposing Obama’s Socialist agenda hateful, or opposing abortion hateful, you would have an impossible task in finding anything hateful in her record. If you look at her record in Alaska prior to her selection as VP candidate, you would see a bi-partisan moderate with a fixation on rooting out corruption and changing the relationship between “Big Oil” and Alaska in the Alaskan people’s favor. She was successful on both counts.

Why is the left so spooked by our Sarah? I think it starts by how heavily invested they were in Obama. Her GOP convention speech skewered and ridiculed their idol, and the McCain/Palin ticket rose in the polls. Her campaign rallies drew larger crowds than McCain’s own rallies. Obviously, she was a bigger threat to Obama than the geriatric McCain. So they went all out Alinsky on her.

They did the best they could to bankrupt and destroy her in Alaska by filing numerous, baseless ethics complaints using legislation that Palin had promoted to counter corruption. She didn’t count on corrupt people using the legislation against her. She beat them by resigning, and then used Facebook and Twitter to connect with people without the LSM filtering. The LSM was forced to report her Facebook posts and Twitter tweets as news. No other politician has been able to do that.

Moreover, the more she strikes fear in their hearts, the more they attack her, giving her more exposure when she does turn their attacks back on them. This is driving them crazy, and they launch ever crazier attacks. Heck, if they had let her be as Governor of Alaska, she would have served out her term, maybe done a few national speeches and op-eds and left it at that. But no, the rabid left couldn’t help themselves. But all they have done is strengthen her and strengthen the resolve of her supporters.