Charles Krauthammer hammers her and George Will denigrates her qualifications to be President. They are very much DC insiders. We are going to see many more such hit-pieces from their like as we head into the 2012  Presidential primary campaign.

We’ll also see thousands of “concern-trolls” flooding conservative web-sites with the message that they think Sarah is doing a great job but she isn’t qualified to run for President. These tend to be Romney or Huckabee acolytes.

The Left has a problem. They think an Obama-Palin Presidential race is a slam-dunk for Obama. So, in open primaries, should they go all out for Palin? I sure hope they do.

I think Sarah Palin will enter the race. She has shown a unique talent for exposing the lies of the Obama Administration, while proposing constructive alternatives.

I’m not religious, whereas Palin is. That doesn’t bother me. A leader who believes in a higher power is less likely to abuse their power than one who who thinks he has absolute power. Stalin, Hitler and Mao come to mind. She doesn’t wear her religion on her sleeve. Her faith guides her but she keeps it personal. We’ll be seeing lots of hit-pieces suggesting that Palin’s fundamentalist religious beliefs will guide her. Unfortunately for such critics, her guide is the Constitution of the United States. She has already preempted that line of attack by labeling herself as a “commonsense constitutional conservative”.