A commenter at American Thinker, responding to yet another posting on Sarah Palin, wrote:

I strongly disagree with your remark calling Obama George Bush on steroids. Obama is a crooked south side ward healer from Chicago and a dedicated Marxist who is determined to turn the US into a socialist state to be plundered by corrupt democratic politicians and their wealthy backers. George Bush is a politically right of center political moderate and a patriot dedicated to doing the job to the best of his abilities. He took office and within months was faced with a war instigated by a terrorist attack on the America Mainland. Unlike Bill Clinton he did not try to sweep the attack under the rug but set out to destroy our enemies and protect the American people. He was successful in his efforts for the rest of his time in office. That’s far better than his successor has done. The funds that Bush provided in his bailouts have been mostly repaid and not ripped off. Bush was a successful businessman and governor of Texas before he was President. What were Obama’s comparable accomplishments? Compared to Obama George Bush is an intellectual and moral giant.
The Presidency is undoubtedly the toughest job in the world and the country needs and deserves only the best we can find not “normal” and definitely not the incompetent idiot we have in that office today. Granted only a few who have held the office have rose to the level of a Ronald Reagan as a leader and practical intellect. But I believe George Bush will be judged by history as one of the better Presidents who lead the country well in trying times. Mr. Schwartz your remark was uncalled for and totally wrong.

The American public is slowly realizing that the Bush Derangement Syndrome is a real disease, and that the MSM infection spread to them.