What does this Palin show signify? I love watching it. It is so revealing of Palin and the way her family lives. It is much closer to the pioneer spirit than most Americans experience. On the other hand, they do take advantage of modern bear repelling technology and smart phones. The show is entertaining on its own merits.

But Sarah gets her political licks in. The best is when she gets Kate’s kids to collect stones to create a map of Alaska. She then points to the exact place where you can see Russia from Alaska. Tina Fey is going to regret that crack.

Watching Sarah shoot at a rapidly advancing bear image was fun.  She scored two kill shots before the fake bear hit her. I think this beats watching Obama play golf. It sure beats watching Tina Fey. When did she last have to crack two jokes inside two seconds?

But, while she is reaching a whole new demographic through this show, she is hitting the  political  scene by using the Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages to endorse Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap for America’s Future”. That puts her on a collision course with the progressive political establishment. Will Romney and Huckabee sign on? The Tea Party will be supportive of Ryan’s agenda.

The brilliance of Sarah Palin is that she can turn every attack upon her against her attackers, and every thing she does to her political advantage.