I don’t much like Sean Hannity. He has great guests, asks them good questions, and then fails to follow up on their responses. He goes straight back to his list of questions, as if the guest’s response meant nothing. But he did devote his slot to Sarah Palin and he gave her valuable air time to push her book and her cause. I’ll give him kudos for that because of a theme that she kept coming back to.

Palin highlighted the fact that Obama vowed to “fundamentally transform America” and that is exactly what he has tried to do. The American people refudiated Obama’s vow in the 2010 mid-terms. I get the impression she is locked and loaded to carry out the people’s will and refudiate Obama’s progressive agenda in its entirety.

It’s a big list. I’ll give Obama credit; he’s done more damage in less time than any President in history. He makes Jimmy Cater look like a wimp. I kinda suspect that Sarah looks at the fight with Obama as personal. She sees him as the destroyer of American values and his minions as the putative destroyers of her reputation.  But that’s not why she would run.

Sarah’s goal is pretty simple – to restore America to its founders’ principles, as expressed in the constitution.