Airline security in the US has been reacting to previous terrorist attacks. The 911 Muslim terrorists used box cutters, so now non-Muslims are not allowed to carry nail files on any flight. The Muslim shoe-bomber concealed explosives in his shoes so we non-Muslims must all remove our shoes and expose ourselves to athlete’s foot and other noxious infections. The Muslim UK bombers planned to smuggle liquid explosives onto flights, so now we non-Muslims can’t take our usual toiletries and medications with us, when we travel. The Muslim Xmas bomber concealed explosives in his crotch area, so now we non-Muslims have to have our crotches groped or displayed on a monitor. In Saudi Arabia, a Muslim terrorist concealed explosives up his anus and carried out a successful suicide bombing. In Russia, it is strongly suspected that female Chechen Muslims used similar techniques to down an airliner. If we follow the TSA’s logic, the next step is body cavity searches for all non-Muslims. God help us when a Muslim terrorist brings down a US airplane with a body-cavity bomb.

Security is not about being one step behind the enemy, but that’s where the TSA is. The Israelis have been able to stay one-step ahead by profiling terrorist psychology, not terrorist technology. The TSA is going backwards, and that’s where they’ll end up; probing non-Muslim a**holes.